Vidorra – Brokenhearted

Vidorra is a four piece pop punk band from Bristol, Uk, which was formed in mid 2015. Later the same year the band starting to play shows in the Summer, playing both covers and their own original work.

Lauren Figurski – Lead Vocals
Kenneth Vestby – Guitar
Will Cross – Bass
Jordan Crowden – Drums

The band have just released their new single called “Brokenhearted” which was released on 13th August 2016. The EP was record by Josh Gallop at Alt Avenue Productions, which is also located in Bristol.

The intro to the song has a very ‘Malloy Knox’ vibe to it. It then breaks down as the vocals come into the song with the opening line “I’ve said this before”. This draws your attention immediately to the music, making you want to hear more of the story. The Lyrics right from the start give you a real personal feel, and could make other people in similar life situations relate to it. The chorus is strong for the vocals, as well as the added guitar work, which works very well for the song.

The guitarist Kenneth Vestby has worked hard on the riff for the verses, as well as the intro riffs and I think that the guitar is really holding it down as a sound. The vocalist Lauren has hit the right notes and her work on writing lyrics seem very personal to her. There’s a strong feeling that the guitars are keeping it all held tightly together and then the vocals are driving the song forward. It all works as a very good mix. Bassist Vill Cross holds it down with solid bass that, along with drummer Jordan tight grooves provide a strong back bone to the song”

Overall this single is a strong start to the bands first release. With some cleaning up and hard work they will no doubt be introducing a new sound and start making a name for themselves.

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