When The City Sleeps – Favourite Secret [EP]

When The City Sleeps are a Pop punk / Alternative rock band that are from West Yorkshire, UK. They started mid 2015 and have played gigs mainly around Yorkshire and we are hopeful too see them on tour sometime in the future.

Josh Thackray – Lead Vocals
Jonah Sylvester – Rhythm Guitar
Andy Brooke – Lead Guitar
Jake O’Neill – Bass & Backing Vocals
Danny Smith –  Drums & Backing Vocals


When The City Sleeps released there first EP “Favourite Secret” which was released on the 17th June 2016 on to all the major platforms across music.

Track list :
1,  Headspace
2, Fall Away
3, You Can Do It, Bruce
4, Hold My Temper – Demo

Breakdown of songs:
The First track on the EP “Headspace” starts off swaying and it is the kind of song that will warm up the crowd at the start of the gig. It speeds up in the verse, with more of punk palm mute feel, which then breaks back into the chorus / intro riff. There is a bit when it breaks down to more of a quiet part which goes back into the intro really fast.

The second song on the EP “Fall Away” just starts of loud and quickly breaks into the verse which is very similar to “Headspace” although it seems a lot tighter as a song in comparison.There is a bit more of a bridge / breakdown in the song which gives the song a bit more identity compared to the others and you will easily pick that part out. It feels like this track will start out on the EP, and in my eyes is their best song on the EP.

The third track on the EP “You Can Do It, Bruce” , first of all the title is kind of cool and seems have more thought put into it. The intro to the song reminds me of Disturbed but with a pop punk twist to it and the vocals to me really stand out on this song. The chorus is really strong, and really brings the song together. There is a deep meaning to this more alternative song. The line “Find your own way out of my mind” in the chorus really shows that a lot has been put into this, and he’s trying to get rid of someone. Near the end “When you look into his eyes” people can relate to this and might be going through what is happening in this song.

The fourth track “Hold My Temper – Demo” is a weird one to put onto the Ep as they stated it is a demo, making it not a full track in a way. Though a demo left on an Ep lets you see more into what there might do next. There is a loud intro and then a fast punky verse and then it breaks into half time chorus idea, that happens at the start. Though this song has a better breakdown with lyrics over the top, which is a real crowd pleaser. Then it breaks down to something really quiet, which is just the bass guitar, though it doesn’t last that long, I kind of wished it did. Last chorus has more vocal lines coming into the song, giving more depth to the song and it fits better all around. Though listening to it, they should have just put it onto this Ep as it fits well with this Ep and doesn’t show a lot of what going to happen next.

Looking more at the writing side of the EP, it comes off very strong. There is a lot of depth within the lyrics in their songs and also the feeling that the songs relate back to Josh and reflect what might be happening around him in his life. Although there is something that we don’t see alot, which is more contrast within the songs, the EP is also very fast and doesn’t take much of a break. There seems to be a lack of bridge / breakdown during the songs that go on for a long time, which makes some of the songs seem short lasted in a way. The guitar riffs on each song work well but can easily fall off as you get into the song, all being quite similar to one another. However this doesn’t mean they’re bad riffs and we should be giving Andy  a lot of credit for coming up with the intros and hooks to their songs at the start. Overall the write is good and you can really tell that improvements will come along easily over their future releases.

Overall the Ep does work well, and I am looking forward to hearing more content from them in the future.




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