Where There’s Life – Bright

Where There’s Life are a five piece pop punk band, though they are a bit more heavier then todays standard pop punk music. They all come from the north of the UK, there hometown being Edinburgh, Scotland. The band influences ranges from New Found Glory to A Day To Remember, mixed with a bit of Moose Blood.

Bruce Lean – Lead Vocals
Dann Stewart –  Guitar
Cameron Rennie – Guitar
Cameron Barnett – Bass
Jack Valentine – Drums

They released there first single “Bright”on 26 July 2016 on all major music platforms and it was released and recorded by Scylla Records, UK, an independent record label based in London.

The intro has a heavy riff which breaks into the full band backing the riff, which coverts into the verse very fast but everything breaks down as it becomes lighter in the guitars with more stabs instead of straights.Though the speed of the song keeps going through both the intro and verse, this is very strong intro to the single and it is right in your face. There is a breakdown dotted everywhere throughout the single, either after the chorus or during the verse, and it breaks down the song, giving it a lot more structure. There is a little instrument part as well, which links it back to the chorus, though I do wish there were more vocal lines during the bridge. Nevertheless they have put vocals on top of each other right at the end of the last chorus just before the song ends, which brings a great close.

The writing of the song is pretty decent, overall across the track, having lead guitar parts over everything really pulls the song together, including the rhythm variations throughout the song, and having different chuck rhythms between sections as well. The vocals are a bit that definatly stands outin the first verse “Being running blind”, which goes into a more of a straight version of the verse.

Overall this track is well recorded and well written for only their second release that they have done. I would love to see what they will do in the future.


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