Luke Rainsford – I’m Nothing Like My Dad Turned Out To Be

Luke’s new album is a like one big story that he’s guiding us through, about his struggles of love and loss. However he hasn’t made them too personal that people can’t relate to them. They spread across from what you get up to in your teenage years to more personal relationship problems that anyone could have experienced along the way. This album is full of deep and meaningful lyrics throughout, which are also reflections and allows the listener to wonder what their life was like when there were growing up. There is a strong use of swear words on a couple of tracks which makes the issues addressed seem a lot more distinct and draw your attention straight to it. Luke seems to refer back to writing songs about someone, but we aren’t sure if he means this generally or if there is someone in particular that it is directed at.a0826770888_10

Track List
1, Fathers Day
2, I Had A Panic Attack Today
3, A Song About Alcohol
4, A Note To My Teenage Self
5, I Am Melodramatic(A Song About Death)
6, Lucid Dreams
7, Coffee
8, A Song About A Girl
9, I am Pathetic
10, I Loved You Move Than I Hate Myself
11, Streetlights
12, Never Could
13, A Song About Space
14, Ankle Socks

Fathers day. This is probably one of my favourite songs on Lake’s new album. It caught my ear that little bit faster than the others. The whole album I feel is quite an emotional journey, but this song maybe more than the rest. Luke’s elegant guitar work takes a back seat to his crisp voice in this one, although the distinctiveness of his chord changes add real definition to the song, giving it a strong structure, but not overpowering his lyrics at the same time. Luke throws us straight into the song with ‘I had a choice’, this immediately let’s us know, he’s about to tell a story. His repetitiveness throughout of ‘I had the choice to cut you out’ becomes a central part of the song, the effect becoming slightly deeper each time he says it, is almost as if he’s reminding himself, rather than telling us. You can really feel the emotion despite the strength of his voice.

I Had A Panic Attack Today. This song takes you straight into the verse and has a really strong meaning as soon as the lyrics enter, with the line “Take these chords from another one..”which makes you wonder which song has he taken it from, and also tells us that Luke was less interested in the chords and more in his words. The pace of the song is nice and fast, with more strumming than picking, and lets you get into more of a happy mood but still keeping that emotional meaning  to its. It has a real nice groove to the chorus, that you could easily bob your head to.

Coffee. This song is one of the more quirky off the album, and it almost straight away makes you want to tap your foot along to it.The uplifting note is also immediately explained by Luke, as he tells us ‘And I’ve been trying to become more positive, because lately this bad attitude has done nothing for my health’. You can hear a kind of determination in his voice, like he’s telling us the emotion he put into all of his songs isn’t actually good for him, and although the rest of the lyrics do become slightly darker, you barley notice due to the bouncy guitar tones.The guitar fits perfectly well with the mood i think Luke is trying to project with this song. It also picks up after the first verse, as Luke’s voice gets louder so does his guitar, then we get a really simple chord progression in a break of the lyrics, it’s very simple, but also very effective.

Lucid Dreams. “Girl of my Dreams” The guitar technique stands out over the other songs across Luke’s album by the use of his thumb-slap fingerstyle over the strings. First verse is has Luke’s voice over the top and the second verse it has a sweet voice from Maddy Chaney, also the link from the chorus to the second verse it perfect there is no gap between, one voice rolls off to the other really smoothly. The whole song is like a really short cute story of two people being together.

Never Could. There something that defiantly draws you too this song, from the start by saying “it can be hard to understand..” which is something every teenager goes through. Then it asks the person who Luke is talking to, to listen up to all the words he has to say, but never could. The lyric changeover is fast paced, and follows really quickly into a chorus. There is no waiting around to tell us whats on his mind. Though the best part which brings a lot of contrast to the song, is the feature from “Craterface” his voice is rough and thick so it brings in a different dynamic, although I wish the song featured a bit more of his voice.

I Am Melodramatic(A Song About Death). This takes you into more of the depressing story of what a ‘car crash’ his life is. Luke takes you through the story as him being in the car, no seat and then hitting the curb face down, it’s a really strong line as if it’s the intro to a great chapter in a new book that you have just opened. The chorus has this reflection period of when you wonder about yourself, if people are going to miss you and also what you might not have done in your life. There is a line that everyone can relate to between the ages of 18 – 25 “Another in your student halls…” which is an experiences that you might have had happened to you. The personal experience this song puts you through is overall really touching and moving.

Overall this album has a great story-line focus, great lyrics, two really amazing features and really good songwriting. If you want a pop punk acoustic look on further and enjoy this album with deep emotions.

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