Layover – Clarity

Layover is a Pop punk band from Wolverhampton, midlands and toured the Uk Summer 2016 with Coast to Coast. Their music definitely reminds me of Neck Deep, Roam and Boston Manor.

Luke Rainsford – Vocals
Jack Thomas – Guitar/Vocals
Dominic Cattell – Guitar
Elliot Wallett – Bass
Bradley Fisher – Drums


Layover released Clarity on August 8th 2016 and was produced by Derek Matthews and the artwork was done by Jodrell Media.

Track List
1, Ignorant
2, Better Off
3, Pigments
4, Transparent
5, Clarity

Ignorant. The word Ignorant refers to a lack of knowledge and awareness. Though the word can also be seen as someone being rude, as in if you were to call someone ignorant. This song sits at only 01:11 making it the shortest track on the EP, with the fast starting intro and really quick change into the verse with backing scream vocals. The song refers to social media a lot with people hiding behind there phones, profile pictures online which people are hiding away from the real world and from themselves.

Better Off. This track definitely gets you into a headbanging mood and reminds me of summer sunshine and driving to a holiday. Though the song is about being better off without someone who you have broken up with. The best way to look at the structure is the one long verse throughout the whole song which leads into a chorus and then these words are repeated right till the end ” So much better off without you”. A simple message that is super easy to relate to.

Pigments. This has a really different tone of sound to the rest of the album and it kind of reminds of me old You Me At Six. It has a really shifty pattern going through most of the song and has different stabs within the verse. It has an interesting  part which is just guitar and in your head you wait for the next drum beat to kick in. Ending part of the song is more straight and at the end he shouts “Think for yourself”.

Transparent. “I’m done with bending over backwards”  This song is slower to get into, and has a very much You Me At Six mixed will Mallory Knox  vibe going. There is a lot of contrast between the verse and chorus which makes it very easy to listen to. The second backing vocals in the chorus is really pretty and stands out, though having more split vocals would of made the song more interesting.

Clarity. This is the title track of the Ep “Nights are getting longer..” this song can kind of be seen as a single and very much has its own vibe going for it. But it still has that pop punk feel to it, so it is not just changing genres or anything too crazy. The message you get from the song is about escaping summer love and any of the summer relationship that only lasted for that one part of the year. Though as this song is the ending of the track, the fitting words “I guess i wasn’t ready for the real world” really fits well for the closing of the Ep, with the gentle backing from the band.

This Ep is fast over all, no track is really that long, as every track is under three mins. As you go through the Ep it does have that summer vibe going and moving into a different season out of the summer season. There is a lot you can relate to on this Ep, the heartbreak, summer love, social media and give this a listen if you  fall under any of those.

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