Summer’s Colour – Girls on The Rooftops

 Summer’s Colour are an acoustic Pop-punk/Alternative Folk from Leeds, having pop punks hints similar to that of Fall out boy, Dashboard Confessional with a mix of folk artists such as Mumford and sons.

Darius Kiani – Electric guitar & producer
James Whateley – Vocals
Louis Flynn – Acoustic guitar, backing vocals & studio drummer.
Jake Dickens – Studio Bass


Summer’s Colours released there Ep “Girls on The Rooftops”  on the 23rd September 2016

1, Crawling Away
2, Burning Out
3, A Life Online, A Life in Real Time

Crawling Away. The intro to the song starts with the lyrics “oh oh” on top of an acoustic guitar, and this simple intro sounds really good, and sets you into a calm relaxing mind frame. The “Oh oh” itself are sang very laid back and seem really chilled out. There is a bit of shock when the song kicks in and the voice comes in loud, which I’m not sure suits it, as the contrast of the voice is almost too harsh in a way.  Both parts are the same person and I do really like the gravelly-ness in his voice, but having the acoustic track it didn’t seem too work as well. The song does have really nice melody lines and it is written very well. It has great contrasts between the verse, chorus and bridge, even the lyrics are really well done as well.

Burning Out. “I know it  was harsh to say, it better to burn out, then fade away”. The use of words that always go back to burning out in this song, really makes you want to listen to each part. The voice again is a bit too gravelly and is giving slightly too much of a grunge effect, when the song itself is more acoustic. This song would be really cool though, to hear as a full band.

A Life Online, A Life in Real Time. The track has a swing mood with chorus, think of it like a pub song that you would hear / watch at a open mic night. This type of song really has that kind of angry tone to it , which fits the state in which we live in, having one real life who we are and then going online, either phones or laptops to be someone else.” almost like we’re leading two separate lives” The message of the song really can open your eyes to see if the person you are online, differs to you in real life.

The Ep as a whole really has some great songs, although the heavy vocals sometimes can sound a bit out of place, like it doesn’t always fit. However it would be great to hear these songs full; drums, electric bass and electric guitar. Looking at it, maybe more care with the overall tracks and having different melody lines crossing over each other, could bring at the songs more. The messages are there, though there are points which can kind of be hard to make out, when James is singing. A bit more work and this band could go really far in the music industry.


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