The Adventures Of Lightspeed – Always the Runner Up

The Adventures of Lightspeed are a four piece alternative / pop punk band based in Kent. Their sound is reminiscent of 2000s pop punk, taking influences from Taking back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, Armour for Sleep & The Starting Line.

Chris Horne – Lead Vocals & Guitarist
Simon Standen –  Bassist & Backing vocals
Stu Miller – Drummer
Leo Ozorio – Guitaist

 a1372583848_16.jpgThe Adventures of Lightspeed released their latest Ep entitled “Always the Runner Up” on October 7th, 2016.

Track List
1, Accommodate
2, Understand
3, The Thought That Counts

Accommodate. This song has a slow intro with a gradual build up, to a pause, perfect way to start the Ep off and really gets you hooked into the song from the early seconds. The vocals drop with a softer backing verse behind it and has similar vocals to that off Coheed and Cambria. “You don’t seem interested, in my obsessive ways” the first line really makes you believe that Chris is speaking to someone, or maybe it is meant to give the idea that, he is speaking to you. The crashing chorus really has a big contrast from the verse making the song feel very complete. The very hard hitting part 1 from the chorus starts out with “wo, woo”, with having a call and answer between the vocals and the backing. The changes are flawless in their timing, and very smooth, making the song Accommodate a very easy listen to all listeners.

Understand.  The intro is super quiet and really sets your mind in for a heavy going love song, which is quickly sped up in the verse.  “When things go wrong” The quiet start saying the title name in the first line really hooks you on to the song. There is a slow build up into the chorus, as the verse is broken up into two parts having the first part a lot softer from the drummers and then the drum breaks into a full beat. The verse really has this attention to detail, with the smooth and gentle lyrics with guitar riff on top giving that mystical feel. The massive build up in the pre-chorus which just jumps in with “This could be the greatest”with a different chord and rhythm beneath the vocal line. The massive chorus changes the contrast fast though there is a little build up into it. The chorus is really short compared to every other part of the song, though it has that short and sweet feeling to it, and makes you repeat the song just to hear it again. There is a little breakdown at the end of the song which is the intro repeated again and just jumps back into the final chorus. There is such a big contrast use in this song from really load chorus to then really quiet verses and even repeating the intro again.

The Thought That Counts.The intro is beautifully done, and just soft enough to ease you into the song, and gives it a real heartfelt feel, especially the use of gentle backup vocals with “You’re all I ever think about” It really adds just that bit of depth, before the song picks up. The story the lyrics tells us in this song is a proper feel good theme, about a boy who is hopelessly in love with a girl, and it is just the right amount of expressive, but he doesn’t make it too sad. The light beat that accompanies the first few lines is also perfect to draw focus to the lyrics, until the guitar picks up for the chorus, to become on par with the singing, giving that thickness to the song. The build up in the first verse is just right, with a couple changes in tone and guitar pick ups. The structure is very well done, there are just enough different styles between the verses, chorus and bridge to keep you interested, but they aren’t so different that the song sounds messy, which is a hard balance to achieve. They bring you back around to the chorus just enough that by the end of the song you can almost sing along to it. As we come into the build up for the bridge, it’s got a real flash of ‘If It Means A Lot To You – A Day To Remember’. It feels like it ties the song together to a conclusion before it settles back down to finish, and works perfectly.

Movies. This has a big and loud intro which harshly switches into a more quiet softer tone which mainly consists of guitar and a snare rim hits. Though this part doesn’t stay there as it quickly moves into a more faster part of the verse which then leads into a pre-chorus. The chorus is really big and has the same beat as the intro of the song, though it has lyrics over the top instead. There is really nice verse / bridge between the two choruses which makes the song stand out by itself. This part has a really strong lead guitar and then more of break down part which has more focus on the vocals. The instrumental part of the song which is broke up between instrumental parts  and one final chorus which helps bring the Ep to a close, ending with “Nothing Original about quitters”.

As a whole the EP is really strong and it has its own unique sound, compared to a lot of other bands that are releasing music. They stand out alone with their own tone, own sound and the vocals are so different, they have a big things going for them and people should watch out for them in the future. Their next release could defiantly be something to watch out for.

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