South Drive – Nothing’s Wrong

South Drive are a five piece alternative rock band from Kent who are influenced from artists such as Blink 182, My Chemical Romance to The Strokes, having this pop punk vibe mixed with indie music.

James Ingram –  vocals,
Alex Howat –  lead guitar
Will French – rhythm guitar
Hugo brown – bass
Tom Harmsworth –  drums
Track list
5, Crashing Down

B-Side. This song starts of really nice and tells a story about a party that is coming to an end and when someone is speaking on TV, which makes you think  about the news. It has a deep meaning about how people don’t have many ambitious in life and how people can be kind of fake but this all can be hidden by just getting drunk. After this kind of acoustic intro it goes into more electric style but it is still kind of indie , and an off beat on the bass drum which can be distracting and make it feel that it doesn’t quite fit. This track would work better as an acoustic track as it is well written and has some smashing lyrics.

Circles. This song has a heavy intro, a great guitar riff which really wakes you up and gets right in your face, although the vocals for this song are a bit every where and it seems like everything is just jumping about. There are a lot of different parts across the track, a lot of riffs from the guitars and a fair few drum fills in the song. This song has a lot more of a punk vibe to it and seems too have that short and sweet vibe. This has to probably be the weakest track on the Ep, there is not a clean sense of music and in some places it can be kind of messy.

Heroine. This song you can have on repeat with the amazing intro, the guitar backing and really smooth voice on top. The reference to Alice and Wonderland is great, it just fits so beautifully together, with a really easy smooth start into a bit more of a backing when the drums come in with rim shots. It really has such a good message and makes you feel really dreamy though when the full band kicks in it really changes to a different song and can be hard to keep that calm feeling going on. The contrast is really good and it can really hard to get it right with almost having an acoustic intro to full band in the same song. The way to look at this song would be look at it as though it was in two parts, so part one would be the acoustic part and then part two is the full band. There is a lot more instrumental parts in this song, with riffs crossing everywhere, in and out of the song. It does go back to the intro vibe as it slowly breakdowns into bass and finally into the intro guitar riff. The song tells a story of someone, it does feel personal or maybe something that  James has seen on the news or maybe a world wide event that happened, that has made him feel like this. An Emotional song.

Brilliance. This sounds familiar to a song that would have been on “Is That It” by The Strokes, very high vibe to it. Then again it also has that joy division going on as well, with really that heavy bass line pounding through the song. The simple drums and bass really just make this song in the verse, and then the pretty lead guitar on top. This song really fits in with Heroine’s intro vibe and this type of music really fits their playing and James’ vocals. The chorus and verse kind of merge into one, normally this can be seen as being a bad thing but it kind of brings that really relaxing vibe to the song, without having too much full band parts in. The song is beautiful, clean, calm and just has a smooth change over into each different part of the songs.

Crashing Down. This song is really fast paced and has a really happy beat to it and it lets you nod your head to the whole song. It’s really clean sounding and has a really nice tone on the instruments, also having the vocals go on top really smoothly. This fits with James’ voice and it feels like the band is together and working as one unit, and it is not as messy as the other songs on the EP. All the instruments can all be heard really well in the song and you can kind of pick out who’s doing what. There is a breakdown but that quickly just picks back up, and goes into the last chorus with the lead guitar riffing on top, which then turns into a longer chorus with more of a guitar solo, which works perfectly.

Looking at this EP overall, there is a lot you can take from it and really see their influences shrine through. Though they should keep doing more songs like “Crashing Down” and more like the “Heroine” intro type of music, so a bit more chill. They are worth a listen if you’re looking for something wacky and something that goes up and down with your emotions. Each song is a different story about someone else’s life and what they are seeing almost at that moment. What will the next release to be like!?

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