Future Theory – Fools Dream

Future Theory was originally formed at a music college in Lincoln, the band take inspiration from bands as contrasting in nature as Radiohead, The Verve, Pink Floyd and Audioslave. Drawing heavily from a diverse sonic palette with influences ranging from shoegaze, to alternative rock, funk and psychedelia.

Max Sander – Rhythm guitar and vocals
Chris Moore  -Lead guitar
Jake Scarbro – Bass guitar
Rohan Parrett – Drums

Track List
1. Eye Of The Storm
2. Fool’s Dream
3. Horses
4. Listen Closely
5. Horses/ Koncide

Eye Of The Storm. Has this really nice ambient tone to the intro, which is that relaxed type of feeling going on, which then leads into a instrumental part, which is more of the intro to the song itself. The bass line from Jake Scarbro really holds the song together and keeps it flowing easily throughout this part of the song. There is a very much a Pink Floyd vibe going on which really works for their tones and when the vocals come in at the beginning of the verse. Though the vocals do have an Arctic Monkeys feel, which in some sense can change the mood of the song. This change can really make you feel that their are going to be more surprises later in the song.

Fool’s Dream. The song has a smooth start with an acoustic finger picking intro, which is quickly led in with the lead vocals which just slides on top of the song. The full intro and first verse is done with just an acoustic guitar and then the rest of the band comes in, which is more of a verse part two. There is a hint of Seether in this sound and this song could really work as a full acoustic song instead of having any of the backing track. Though this would have to be done how Seether did “One Cold Night” vibe. There is beautiful lead guitar over the track which is just laid on top and very quiet but then at certain parts of the song it will really come out strong. There is a lot of riffing all over the place and a lot of instrumental parts of the song which really fills the song out and gives a relax feel to the song.

Horses. The riff at the start of this song, is a really fast hook and gets you into it without thinking. The backing comes in with the vocals at the same time but it is not too much or too loud and fits well. This song kind is similar to Fool’s Dream and kind of feels like a filler to the Ep, the track doesn’t really expand anywhere, being slightly less creative from the other tracks.

Listen Closely. This track is fast upbeat and has a really nice feeling, a strong ending to the Ep. It has stabs from the bass and has a really twinkly guitar riff on top of the intro / verse part of the song. There is more contrast and change with this song between the verses and then into the chorus instead of almost staying at one sound, there is a lot more change in the song. The chorus sound really stays inside and makes you want to go back to that part of the song and listen to it again, again and again. The thought of this song with the different tones and sounds really shows that have put alot of thought into this song. The guitar solo is really pretty in this song, having it just over the top so it wasn’t too aggressive and held a really calm and chill vibe.

The Ep overall is five tracks, four tracks which are very original and then one remix. Fool’s Dream and Listen Closely are two tracks which are probably the strongest songs on the Ep and kind of overshadow the other two a little bit. This makes the Ep really weird to listen to, that could be due to the order of the songs of the Ep. Shuffling the order around or maybe making some of the songs into an single instead of putting them into the Ep could have made a big difference. If the songs were really different from each other the Ep would of had more to listen to and get into during each track.

Link : https://www.facebook.com/FutureTheory/


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