Penelope Tree – The Scenes You Create

Penelope Tree are a four piece pop punk band from Buckinghamshire, which formed in the latter stages of 2015, and since then have worked tirelessly to create songs. They draw influences from bands such as, The Wonder Years, Into It. Over It and Taking Back Sunday. 

Glenn Davidson – Guitar/Vocals
Joe Quigley – Guitar
Jamie Harris – Bass

Luke Bhagwanani – Drums


Track List
1, The Way You Fall Asleep
2, A Night Like This
3, Restless
4, Stanwick Lakes

The Way You Fall Asleep. This song has a really soft clean tone, and guitar riff at the start of the song which is quickly layered with the vocals coming out on top. The first vocal line is just the guitar and vocals which quickly changes to the drums and bass which come in loud and hard, though still keeping the chill vibe going on. There is a second intro part which is just instrumental and it has heavy guitar riffs, crashing cymbals and really big sounding part of the song. There is a quick change back into the verse which then leads into the chorus which is very similar to the intro, the contrast of this gives a much more intense feel to the chorus, too a more softer verse. There are a lot of different build ups in the song which ends with an instrumental part or back into the chorus. The speed of the song keeps going through both parts, there is not much of a slow down. This song really opens up the Ep well as the first track that you hear.

A Night Like This. This song starts with the a strong lyric line “Spent half of this year how to figure out, how to get better”, the line is perfectly clean and you can understand it easily. This can give the impression that is about something serious or in pop punk terms, about a girl. The verse is mainly bass and drums that you can hear with a little guitar riff on top. Pre-chorus really builds up from this comfortable verse into this massive and powerful chorus. “Why would you tarnish my name?” which is the first line in the chorus, which can be taken as a question and as well as a statement, it feels very powerful as a first line. The bridge of the song is almost just guitar and vocals which is defiantly  the turning point of the song , on how things are getting better. There is a slow build up from the bass and it just breaks into a totally different part which has that head banging feel towards it. There is a lovely gap where Glenn sings the first line of the chorus by it self before everyone.Restless. This song has a very similar intro to A Night Like This, with having the vocals and guitar and some really nice runs from the bassist Jamie who does something really soft below the guitars. Then there is an instrumental part that goes into the soft verse,which then leads to the hard hitting chorus. There are a lot of different contrast levels between the different parts of the song, there is one part which stands out and gives the song that important difference from the rest. They seem to have more of a swing to the chorus which is half timed and works really well for the song, it kind of gives it that edge.

Stanwick Lakes. This song has a heavier intro compared to the rest which have had more slower starts. This song sounds more like “The Starting Line” and more like early 2000s pop punk. Stanwick Lakes really stands out over the others and seems to have more power behind it then the others. The fast changes, and the pace of the song giving it that very edgy feel to it, a bit more punky, is the best way to put it. This being the shortest track on the EP and having almost 25sec of an interlude at the end of the song, it also ends the Ep, being short and fast really lets you know that you have listened to something different and this could be a hint of what type of music there will do next.

Overall looking at the Ep as a whole, it has a lot of contrast which can lead to overshadowing on some of the songs which come later in the Ep, if they are giving similar vibes to the ones before it. The topics are mainly situated around Pop Punk but then it can depend on the person and how the song effects them personally to how they view the song. A powerful and strong Ep, can’t wait for future releases



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