Damage Protocol – Damage Protocol

Damage Protocol are a three  piece alternative metal/ post punk band from Leicester, who started gigging in January 2016 and got an offer from The Honey Label after a very early stage of playing shows. Being such a wide genre, their influences are even wider range from Kings Of Leon, Brand New, Alice In Chains, QOTSA, A Perfect Circle, Tool and At The Drive In.a0690891425_16.jpg

Track List
1, Man Down in Missouri
2, Poison
3, Mortar Life Than War
4, Special
5, Kat’s Pause
6, 52

Man Down in Missouri. The intro tones and the balance of the drums really puts the song into a calm edgy vibe from the start before the distortion of the guitars drive the songs volume louder. “Hazard lights flash by the side of the bridge” This open line to the verse makes people think about what is going on, you can see a car going over a bridge and maybe the driver is angry about something. The vocals are mixed really close to the rest of the band and not super loud over the top. This song is very much trying to tell a story about a “Man Down In Missouri”.

Poison. This intro starts of with just the bass line and then it breaks into the full band but sounds like joy division with more of an edgy vibe going with the song. The chorus has a nice use of gang vocals which brings the song together and really makes you want to join in with the song. The second verse has my favourite line vocals from these guys “So we wash away the pain, with procedures that fry the brain”which is the first line in the second verse. Towards the bridge part of the song this different guitar tone comes in which can almost catch you off guard for the song and even at the end, there are these type of space noises as well. Poison can be seen as being dreamy.

Mortar Life Than War. The intro guitar riff is what the song is being based around, as the guitar comes in from the intro, there are two different ones though. The very start of the song the vocals give a kind of “Ahhh” which starts part one of intro and then there is a short break which leads into part two of the intro. The guitar sounds is really loud through this whole song and really is the centre key stone to the song. Mortar Life Than War has a great use of the distort vocals which is in the chorus and has some scream vocals in, which can really break up the song.

52. Intro Line “52 cards convene in the desk,” this is such a catch for an intro line for the song and really works well for the rest of the song. 52 seems to have more thought involved with the lyric writing and there seems to be more that has been put into it. Different ways of talking about how cards can be used and also different ways the listener can take it and interpret it. 52 is very much their style of what type of music they write, soft intro and verse, which will lead into a stronger chorus and then there is some form of a bridge which has a guitar solo in.

This Ep has some amazing guitar riffs, songs with great lyrics and songs which all have different intros. Though the Ep can feel quite repetitive as you go through it, there is a sense of having a quiet intro or verses and then a loud chorus, which you know works for one or two songs but across the Ep most of them do have it. “Mortar Life Than War” and “52” stand out as two very strong tracks on the Ep and maybe they could have been put on a smaller release they could have gotten more attention. The song writing it self is pretty good, but maybe have more work on the lyrics and have more melody lines which show what they can do, as it has shown in “Mortar Life Than War”. ThEp sounds, strong and we should keep an eye on these guys and there future releases.

Links: https://damageprotocol.bandcamp.com/releases



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