Outta Peak – Loveproof

Outta Peak became a band first at the beginning of 2010 in Italy, where they focused on writing material before they started gigging. After two years of gigs and experimentation with their songs, they looked to release their first self-produced and self-recorded album called “Never Forget Never Regret” in 2012. They had a few member change ups from the first release of the band in 2010 and the full line-up came together in 2012. If you’re ready for some hard hitting Pop Punk / Punk Rock go ahead and listen to these guys. 

Federico Telesca – Vocals/Guitar
Matteo Piciarelli – Guitar/Vocals
Riccardo Cenci – Bass
Jonny Hall – Drums


Track List:
1, Longa Est Vita, Si Plena Est
02, Dear Christy
03, All in My Head
04, What You See Is My Heart Slowing Down
05, Dirty Blankets
06, Rest in Pieces
07, Thinking of You
08, Mistakes and Dreams
09, Ex Nihilo, Nihil
10, It’s Raining Outside
11, First of All My Passion
12, Give Me a Reason
13, Alter Ego
14, Stop It Now
15, Anything
16, Loveproof

Loveproof is a sixteen track album that Outta Peak released in 2016, though there is an intro, outro, included in the album. Too many songs could mean they couldn’t choose which ones to get rid of or maybe they had planned for all these songs in the album.

Dear Christy. This first song on the album is full with a big and fast intro which gets you right into the mood for this type of music. The none stop vibe of the song really makes you wonder what the rest of the album has to offer. The intro to the verse and the chorus all have this kind of blast beat going from the drums, really hard and fast. There is bridge which breaks down into a riff from the guitar and then the rest of the band comes in. This part has really different vocals as the singer is screaming in the song but it is really odd to hear as it is also the quietest part of the song. This is a really strong start to the album.

What you See is My Heart. Really soft intro, catchy hook to the song with the guitar tone. When the vocals come in, it feels very laid back but very serious for this type of relaxed and sad vibe. The burst of energy which appears in the song really surprises you, the transition is small with a fast execution, and it can really show how smooth a small band can make their writing and recording. There are a lot of different changes within the song where some parts go quiet and then burst into the loud parts of the song. The backing of “What you See is My Hearts” sounds much like Deaf Havana and very similar to You Me At Six, though the vocals has it own sound going on.

Mistakes and Dreams. This soft piano intro can really grab you into the song before this amazing lead guitar solo comes in with the rest of the band. Quickly drops to vocals and bass, then with a little bit of drums, the pretty lead appears on top of the verse. The chorus makes you feel very passionate about what the lyrics that are being sang in the song. Just the name of the song itself can make you almost relate to it, with the fact of being in relationships, how you dream it to be and the mistakes you still make.

Its Raining Outside. The intro part of the song is from the track before it, titled “Ex Nihilo, Nihil”which the ending of that track leads into the intro to “Its Raining Outside”. This song would sound odd now hearing it with the intro, to then later hearing it without the intro. This track is really fast and has a more heavy vibe, there is a sense of Bullet for my Valentine as an influence for this track and you can really hear that in the first verse and the intro. There is a lot of rhythm changes in the song, from this fast pacing jumping intro / verse to this chorus which is just hitting on the beat on every single note. This punky metal song really stands as one of the strongest tracks on the album.

The whole album itself, goes up and down with each song, some of the songs having scream vocals and having their own contrast. There are also parts of the album which there are interludes which lets you kind of relax before the next song kicks in. Every song though is full band, there are no acoustic songs which can stop an album having that softness to it. Overall though, this album is strong and really listening to it, can make you say “Wow” about a smaller, more local band.

Links : https://www.facebook.com/OuttaPeak/?fref=ts


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