Hanzo – Hanzo

Hanzo are a garage / rock ‘n’ roll trio from Rugby, Warwickshire. The band mainly takes influences from 50/60s style rockabilly/ surf which they have been mashing together with crunchy rock riffs. Also having more modern influences such  as Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age and Slaves.

Vocals and Guitars – Pete Plumbley
Vocals and Drums – Dean Haydon
Bass – Eddie Burnham

Track List

1, Bubblegum
2, Loose Lips
3, Friends
4, Tarantula
5, Doll Face
6, Sweet Teeth

Bubblegum. First track, amazing bass tone right from the start of the song which leads until the guitar kicks in. There are a lot of instrumental parts to the song, which has this beautiful full sound with gaps of each instrumental part being filled with some lyrics. The song quickly goes from these fast guitar riffs back to the intro bass line, with some amount of vocals on top. This opening track will get you straight into the EP.

Loose Lips. The second track has differences from Bubblegum, making the contrast of these two songs seem so different you kind of wonder if this is the same band. The more laid back sound to the song, really lets you chill out for this part of the EP. There are more lyrics in the first minute then there was in the whole of bubblegum. There seems to be a stronger meaning to this song, and more of a wonder as to what the vocalists are saying. There are of course still their amazing guitar riffs, with solos involved in the song which is just the sound they are going for.

Doll Face. The intro guitar riff really hooks you and makes you want to hear more of the song, the verse almost drops to a very thin layer without the guitar, making the chorus stand out strong as the guitar returns. The bass tone has really been taken care of, with a bit of distortion on top of the sound, which makes it stand out a lot and keeps a lot of the song together. Chunky guitar sound that is placed in the breakdown really keep you engaged which then drops to one of the heaviest parts of EP. The last chorus has an acoustic part and then the full band leads you into the end.

Sweet Teeth. This fast tempo upbeat final song really can push you to the end of the EP, and this song really stands out. The jumpy rhythm can really get you into a jig and have a little dance to the song. Though this upbeat rhythm starts in the first part of the song, the mid section has really slowed down, and the speed slows down. This slow part makes the song a whole lot better, making the contrast and the dynamic of the song massive. There is a long build up in speed, loudness and layers that will lead to the end of the song and the EP. Amazing song to end on.

This EP has the perfect fact of rockabilly and how it should sound like, tones, the sound, the riffs in each song can really grab you into an up and down journey.

Links : https://hanzo-band.bandcamp.com/album/hanzo


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