It’s Still Better to Give Than Receive – Scylla Records

Scylla Records is a Bristol-based record label which works to help smaller artists get their music out. For Christmas they worked with many different artists and bands to come together and make this amazing album. Their current roaster is Where There’s Life,You Know The Drill, Versive, and Landmarks.
A Christmas Complication that was released under Scylla Records, titled It’s Still Better to Give Than Receive.

1, Form Tides – Just For Now
2, Retro Youth – ChirstIsItThatTimeOfYearAgainMas
3, High Tides – Last Christmas
4, SkyAvenue – Don’t Let Me Go
5, You Know The Drill – Decemberism
6, Luke Rainsford – Lonely This Christmas
7, Everyone & Anyone – Stay Another Day
8, Who Saves The Hero? – I Won’t Be Home for Christmas
9, Eventim – Across the Miles
10, Northern Highlight – A Northern Nightlights Christmas
121, Penelope Tree – It’s Christmas ( Don’t Sweat the Small Things)
12, Anna’s Anchor – Driving Home for Christmas
13, Brave Vultures – Its Christmas (Don’t You Know)
14, Adeem The Artist // – Christmas in the City

Just for Now’s take on Form Tides is very close to the original sound, and has been kept in the same style as the original version of the song. The recording and cover is done amazingly, clean, smooth sounding throughout the whole track. This being the first track really opens up for what else could be on the list, knowing that this bands original music is very different. Former Tides who are a Rock/Post Hardcore from Utah County, UT.

ChirstIsItThatTimeOfYearAgainMas, this track is not a cover like the first track, though this song should be a Christmas song you should be listening to. The fast pace, upbeat band with meaningful lyrics really makes the song get stuck in your head really fast. Each person who listens will take a different meaning from it, depending on how they reflect on it, take a listen and you will get your own message about what Christmas is. The track is written by Retro Youth who are  a three piece rock band from Manchester UK.

Last Christmas, this is such a popular song over Christmas period and it has been done in the most pop punk way, fast up beat, bass and drums verse, loud backing vocal chorus, everything you need in a pop punk cover. Hightides are a five piece punk band based in Nottingham / Derby UK.

Decemberism, the split vocals really hooks you to the song fast, the slow vibe of the song with it being very thin layered. There is use of a synths in the song towards the end, which makes the song feel really Christmasy. The song was written by You Know The Drill who are a four piece punk pop band from West Midlands UK.

 Lonely This Christmas is clearly a cover, but what a cover to listen to, not like many of the other tracks this has a very chilled out vibe with the use of acoustic guitar. Luke Rainsford is a solo pop punk acoustic artist from Wolverhampton UK.

Driving Home for Christmas, the emotion in the voice, the gentle guitar can really bring you down for Christmas period and makes you reflect on life. This song can really bring you to think about how much Christmas can mean being around family and friends, and how we all come home for Christmas one way or another. The cover was done by Anna’s Anchor and Alt-Rock band from Limerick Ireland.

Its Christmas (Don’t You Know) is a super cheesy song, and it really stands out of the Album by being the only blues type of song, very upbeat, very fast, really easy to dance to. Something you must have a listen to for yourself. Brave Vultures are four piece emo punk rock band from Halsted, Essex UK.

Christmas in the City is a soft last song on the album. It is almost like the last scene of a play. This song wouldn’t fit anywhere else but at the end of the album. It heavily focuses on acoustic guitar, with quiet backing from the drums and the bass.
Adeem The Artist is a solo alternative folk artist from Knoxville, TN.

After listening through the album, you can really get that Christmasy vibe throughout and how much emotion the artists and bands have put into each and every recording.

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