Dire Bloom – Facade 

Dire Bloom are a five piece pop punk / alternative band based in Leeds U.K. They share a lot of similarities with an emo type sound, such as bands like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182, Neck Deep.

Felix Kjåelberg – Vocals
Tom Cutts – Guitar/Vocals
JJ Armstrong – Guitar
Ben Whynes – Bass
Adam Kelly – Drumsa1264123494_10.jpgDire Bloom released their lastest EP called Facade on 9th December 2016 on all major platforms.

Track list
1, Roots
2, Blossom
3, Canvas
4, Fletcher
5, Bliss
6, Wither

Roots is the intro to the ep, it’s really short and has this fire cracking sound in the background. It has this kind of natural feel towards the end of the song, which makes you think of trees and nature, you can hear birds as well. The song is rich in really simple lines that are easy to remember “I am not heading for disaster”.This fits well with the next track which lets it lead straight into it.

Blossom starts off with the full band, already having the intro from roots lets this song just start off strong without much of an intro. There is a drop to the lesser layers of the song when the vocals enter, also this really catchy pre- chorus, having breaks between the two vocal lines. When hearing this song, it can make you reflect on your life and this will defiantly relate to a lot of people, who have been down but will still put a happy face on. “Make my self look less missable” 

Wither stands out to be the strongest on this EP and really could have been a single. Soft guitar with the chorus vocals over the top but a fast tempo, so it starts of at a good speed. Before the full band comes in there is a clean screaming vocals saying”before it makes us capsize”. It goes from this really peacefully intro, which builds into a massive strong full band. The verse part 1 has really soft vocals over it, and then verse part 2 and the pre- verse has a more harsh voice over it. The contrast can really stick with you after this beautiful song has ended. The reference to canoes capsizing to mean that your drowning in life after something bad has happened. There is so much going on in this song and it is also the last track on the EP, really standing strong at the end.

Overall this Ep has really good contrast, and a crisp sound across the Ep, recorded well, written well and has a sense of great reflection on life. People can easily relate to it, and understand the large of amount of emotion that has gone into it.

Links : https://www.facebook.com/direbloom/?fref=ts


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