Home Wrecked – When All Goes Wrong

Home Wrecked are a fresh, progressive pop-punk band from South Yorkshire (UK), formed in the summer of 2016. Have similar sounding towards The Story So Far, Turnover, Neck Deep, A Day To Remember, Fall Out Boy.

Joe Daniels – Vocals
Alastair Murphy – Guitar
Richard Copley – Guitar
Dan Peddis – Bass
Ben Hinchliffe – Drums

Home Wrecked released their lastest EP called When All Goes Wrong on 3rd December 2016 on all major platforms.

Track List
1, Common Ground
2, Ready Set Go
3, Distant
4, Never Say Never
5, Anxious Minds Think Alike

Common Ground explosives opening track, making a statemeant of what type of music you will be listening to for next couple of tracks. There is a very unqiue sound to the intro riff from the guitar, and the vocals really stand out. The vocals merlot line really makes the a catchy chorus, which will make you hit that repeat button and keep it on. The shift rhythms between the the intro guitar riff to the straight verse can really give get contrast for the song. The guitarist have spent a lot of time on every little part of the song, working on each part. The song has a lot of attention to detail.

Distant, distortion guitar riff to kick things off, which leads to a short build up into the full band joining. The verse has really different pattern with the use of the stabs and vocal line going together. The double verse can really trick you into the song build, thought it comes in later. The chorus is more straight and has a more a simple rhythm, the contrast between these two main parts of “Distant”. There is a sort guitar solo, before the chorus repeats but just with bass and drums and the vocals in a tiny microphone sound. “Say Your Last Farewell”

Anxious Minds Think Alike fast pace intro, with a short intro, which stays the same during when the vocals enter.  The shift is a quiet drop which will drops the full band and goes just guitar before the chorus starts. The amount of little breaks, and how tight it sounds really makes the song run smoothly. The verses are super catchy which are really important as the first verse is more or less the intro to the song. “Don’t Rub My Face In It” clean guitar sound which has these lyrics over top of it, before it drops into the chorus. There is a big instrumental part of the song, which the full band display a perfect end to an Ep. Though there are a little set of vocals at the end, which the song drops from full band to almost nothing. “Sometimes it is better to back out..”

Every song has it own unquie style and it is really hard to see what these guys will be doing next.


Links: https://www.facebook.com/HomeWreckedUK/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/2o8QOahkX36KsjBt16vEOE



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