Proud Ember – Died In My Bedroom

Proud Ember is a solo emo acoustic act from Coventry whose only member is Alex Dewey Hyland, who states that he spends late nights doing fat joints, feeling sad and watching too much Simpsons which created this Ep.

Track List
1, if I was a bird id fly into the ceiling fan part 1
2, milhouse
3, [smoke]
4, i died
5, if I was a bird id fly into the ceiling fan part 2

if I was a bird id fly into the ceiling fan part 1. The slow guitar intro, sets the mood for the EP, the vocals gently come into the song. “Ive never made anyone proud, on my 18 years on this earth” this depressing and hard hitting line can really sink fast for someone who is listening, truly feeling how Alex feels in this song, and perhaps how personal this EP is going to be.

milhouse comes up as a clear reference to the Simpsons, which can be seen in the name of the song. Opening line “Well, im not good at most things i find” sad, and emotional,though when you get to the end of the song, hearing the direct quotes from what milhouse says, makes you wonder how you miss them sometimes, how sad he really is. Laughing at someones misery, which the song opens your eyes too, and makes you realise. “ill spend the next year in my room. Figure out why im not good enough for you.”

i died defiantly holds the title that stands out the most, being such a bold and ear catching statement, a hint towards a reflection on life, and even a suicide attempt. There is a really big split from the singing and then a lot of shouting aggressive parts and even some parts where he just speaks to us. “my phone-screen lights up and once again im reminded that you are everything ” this first line is just spoken in the song, it becomes more of a middle ground to the story to explain what is going on. The shouting parts are dotted about but near the end is where is really stands out with the repetition of the word “Maybe” at the start of each line “maybe ill go home and ill be more than just a problem child”. Also the last line ” i died in my bedroom” is a perfect hard hitter to end a very meaningful piece of art.

The EP as a whole, goes up and down on each song, you can feel the emotion he’s poured into each one. The sadness can really let you reflect on your own life, maybe everything is not perfect but you will be glad you made it through. The speaking parts of each song, really make them what they are, the shouting can be a bit much at times. But defiantly go check it out, and maybe it could even inspire you to keep going after a rough time

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