Spring Yard – Spring Yard 

Spring Yard are a four piece Punk / Pop Punk band from Essex.

Thom Platt – Vocals / Bass
James Hunt – Guitars
Bill Wigmore – Drums

Spring yard released there latest Ep on 3rd January entitled Spring Yard on to Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Track List
1, Summer Thunder
2, The Gore

Summer Thunder is the first track, massive sounding start which quickly drops into just drums and bass with the vocals on top. It is easy to spot the use of different layers, which makes the contrast wide, from thick to thin. The more soft vocals in the verse, quickly converts into an aggressive, almost screaming chorus. After the chorus instrumental parts kick in, it then drops to nothing but the vocals screaming. The amount of cuts , drops, sound going from everything to nothing, then quickly swapped back, really gives of a unique sound, a breath of fresh air. The scrappy sounding instruments really give that punk feel to it, you can imagine the mosh pits that would start to this song, and it is a great opener for the next track.

The Gore starts with broke guitar chords, with a reverb effect added to it. The soft use of bass which comes in a bit later, helps back up the guitar. No warning and the drums kick in, with the guitar letting the chords ring out of the top. The fast pace drum pattern gives the sense of the music building up. Brief pause which leads to the intro part two. The vocals come over the verse, which is a simple melody, though it is the chorus with this call and answer, that really catches you. There is mellow part with the vocals, and it seems to keep low, with a deep voice which quickly breaks into screaming, which is broken up from another scream. A part which stands out, is when everything get half timed, which then slows it down to almost acoustic. The Gore is defiantly worth a listen, so many different sections and so much going on, this song will take you on a roller coaster of ups and downs.

Short two tracks Ep, one being more punk and very fast paced, which can be looked at as something simple. The other has more layers, more going on, more sections, though they both could stand out as singles. However Summer Thunder does seem like the more suited and stronger track out of the two


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