Summerhouse – Summerhouse

Summerhouse are a four piece Alt Rock band from Manchester. 

Phil Bowman – guitar/vocals
Callum Baker – guitar
Jake McGloin – bass
Ross Parker – drums

Summerhouse released there lastst Ep titled “Summerhouse” on the 28th March 2016

Chlorine, being the first song on the EP can really catch you by surprise, as the intro starts straight off with the full band. The intro has a guitar riff leading the charge before the vocals come in. The vocals just seem to slide on top of the layers, making the song sound really full, and thick with sound. This seems be their breakdown which the drums change up a lot more, although the guitar doesn’t seem to follow and keeps it very straight over the top. Keeping the guitar sound over the top and not slowing down, really keeps the song flowing. The bridge section of the song really shows what type of song these guys can produce. Nice, smooth, calm slow down towards the end which is a change from the fast pace of the rest of the song.

Amber Glow has this really unique sound with each part having its own style almost, which makes each part stand out individually. The intro goes on for a while and it has a sense of the music building up. The vocals come in not super loud, but at the right level for the listener to hear it. Very up beat, no really big stops throughout, just short ones before build ups happen for the chorus, which really helps split the song up. For the verse and chorus it self, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference which  on one hand works out for them but then the other side the listener could easily get bored, of the repetitiveness on the same parts.

Haunt is the last track which starts with pretty everyone including the the vocals. The ghostly voice over the top even gives the “Haunting” effect of the song. The stab parts in the song help a bit to break up the song, though there is not a lot of stopping and it can almost be hard to hear the vocals.

Overall the Ep has good backing instruments and works really well for each individual parts of the songs, though the vocals are very quiet and there is not a lot of changing up, it can kind of roll into one big song. The writing is limited as well as the  structures for there songs, it seems very similar, as it leads to the next song you can’t really tell.


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