Joe Booley is the CEO and Founder at Beth Shalom Records and has been releasing and recording music under the record for himself and other artists.a4100417055_16.jpg
Joe Booley released this latest release TRANSFORMATIONS ON released February 3, 2017.

Track list
1, I Would Fly
2, Taken Over Me
3, Do Right By You
4, Don’t Sleep
5, What Did You Expect
6, Drive
7, I Have Lost
8, Rearrange

Do Right By You has a really calm intro and can kind of remind you of Skinny love by Bon Iver. There is a very gentle and emotional vocals that enter for the verse, there is a clear message taken from the first few lines which directions you into the understanding that the song is about someone. The layers of the song are very thin throughout the song, though the chorus has a kind of growing choir sound in the background. There is something magical about this song, even with the title of the song “Do Right By You” which is being pointed at someone you care about very much. Though the vibe of the song can look at it being a sad song, with the acoustic guitar, gentle voice and ambitious sound of the song. Have a really deep listen and it might reflect differently onto other people.

What Did You Expect. The intro starts with the guitar alone, sits in a dark corner which is followed up by the vocals that will start following the melody of the guitar. Beautiful tone of the song and harmonies between the guitar and the vocals. Synths that bring up the song which the guitar carries on top. The second verse the vocals reenter with a soft bass hitting the root notes, just gently backing up the song. Simple and effective use of having the vocals in one section to then having the other section with synths, very relaxing and really easy to listen to.

Overall listening to TRANFORMATIONS can really make you feel a lot of different emotions and after the eight tracks you feel changed in away. This fits into the releases title, transforming into something better and a lot different. Take a listen each song, they each have their own personal touch on it and this is the type of music that everyone can enjoy once in different ways.

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