Luke Rainford

Luke Rainford is an solo acoustic artist from Wolverhampton, if your ready for acoustic, emotional, pop punk songs about heart break, this is the music for you.

Lukes Rainsford released his latest Ep titled “I Feel at Home With You” on 17th February 2017

Track List
1, All My Songs Sound the Same
2, Fingernails
3, Home Safe
4, Hell Bent
5, Nightmares
6, Burned
7, Cliché
8, Ties
9, Boy Meets Girl, Writes Song
10, I’m Bored of Being Heartbroken
11, Bury Me with Nothing to My Name
12, Frame

All My Songs Sound The Same is the opening track for the Album and starts with a full band which is a lot of different from Luke’s first album which was all acoustic. The obvious references to all his songs sounding same seems to be a running joke in the pop punk scene. Despite these jokes and references you get the sense that there will be a lot of different sounding songs on this album after hearing this first track. There seems to a lot more breaks and build ups with the song, as the backing helps with the contrast of the track. The balance of the track is really great, knowing that the vocals aren’t just over powering the track but you can hear every separate part of the track. “Give you all the space you need…” love how this could be directed at anything, the title doesn’t give any incline of help to knowing where or who it is aimed at.

Fingernails. ‘Don’t be nervous and stop biting your fingernails’, this reference is a beautifully simple and relatable idea, people bitting their fingernails when they are nervous or impatient about something. The idea of having someone to hold you steady sets the album out for being about relationships, this only being the second track of the album. “That Nervous Laugh…” is lyrics that is sang in the second verse which will tie back to the the idea of nervously bitting your fingernails. This brings the album up a lot, giving it more of a running theme and what the rest of the tracks many contain.

Nightmares. The vocals of this song really carries it along, with a very simple backing with the acoustic guitar, bass and drums, which just sit behind the vocals. The verses are very straight forward but the lyrics of the song, is what shines through. The chorus has more layers, with a lead guitar line which just sits on top, but nothing too overpowering. There is a very quiet part which is just vocals and acoustic guitar just before the last chorus, which gives an amazing contrast to the song which then just explodes on the last chorus. It’s really about how things can be down sometimes, how depression can be the only thought on your mind, not being able to leave your bed, not getting anywhere in life. As a child you had hopes and dreams and while knowing you have grown up life is not what it is meant to be. There is also a little easter egg with the references to Layover, a previous band Luke used to be a part of. The idea of how you can love doing music but you might not fit with it and wonder about what your doing can kind of ruin your passion for something you hold so dear to your heart. Imagine you did something in your past and as you look back on it, you wonder what you were doing or how something you were once passionate about can just die away. Nightmares speaks loud and clear to the listeners, go ahead listen and maybe you’ll find your own message. R.I.P Layover.

I’m Bored of Being Heartbroken,”here we go again..”fast tempo which the acoustic guitar and the vocals just on top for the intro and verse. Then the chorus just goes up having the rest of the band coming  in. The vocals in the chorus really make you wonder when you have been heart broken and how everyone will point fingers and call you lazy and depressed and maybe your just overreacting about something which might not seem big to someone else but it massive to you. The use of coffee and how people drink to get by in life, and how people are using it to clear their minds and just move on, but then you just fall for someone again and the circle will repeat itself. The parts are really different and fitting perfectly with the song, rhythm wise, the backing sits back and there is clapping and there are vocals singing “la, la” in the background, which really gives it an old NeverShoutNever vibe.

The Ep sounds amazing, has a really big references to the title of EP being “I Feel At Home With You” which all the tracks can somewhat be aimed at and how each track is about a personal matter. The full band works really well across all of the tracks and is a lot different to his previous album. Take a listen, and sit back, maybe you might learn something about yourself.

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