Beeswax – Call In Sick

Beeswax are a three piece band from Redditch creating and performing trashy, Stoney Grunge music.

Joe Prescott – Vocals / Guitar
Kail Heald – Bassist
Joe Round – Drums / Vocals

fdOF1esBA6bhwbzeaOT0.400.jpgBeeswax released there latest Ep entitled “Call In Sick” on November 11th, 2016.

Haggard. The distorted intro guitar riff, you can tell that it is going to be grunge. Short intro before the band breaks in, very fat sounding instruments, as it is only a three piece band, all the parts seem to be exploding into one massive sound. The stoney / distorted vocals of the song for the verse can also be seen as shouting. There is a simple transition to the chorus which happens instant, which there is no really build up, just drops from one to another. There is slight quieter part, and then a part that builds up into the loud sounding song again.

Adderall. Faster pace intro, a really big change to the first track. The vocals in the verse does feel like it has just been put on top and over more. The part that fits better is when the vocals go into distortion. There is a bigger breakdown, chunky guitar sound ripping through the track that just seems to be carrying the sound. Turned down guitar is just heard in the background after the rest of the band drops back, for them to rejoin for the ending of the song.

These two tracks are very different to each other, one is more fast paced and a shorter song then the other which seems to fit the style of them more. Haggard was unfortunately nothing special and seems to just be thrown together. Though Adderall seems to have more of a process of writing, there seems to be more of a direction for the song.

Grunge is back



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