Thomas & The Empty Orchestra – Patron Saints

Thomas & The Empty Orchestra is the music of Thomas Matthew Bower who is a acoustic folk artist from Sheffield.

artworks-000204450655-hsmt3v-t500x500.jpgPatron saint is the single from Thomas & The Empty Orchestra latest release

Patron Saints. Starts off with a peaceful and calm acoustic guitar, which has the feeling of Bon Iver. The vocals seem to slide on top, which perfectly fitting with the acoustic guitar. Sense of quietness and it seems to let you focus on what you want to think about. The summer cider is sitting in hand and you’re just watching the time pass fast. There is a few solo of different instruments, a harmonica comes in, which lets the vocals drop out, this style of instrument fits well with the acoustic guitar. Towards the end there is a choir set of vocals which just backs up the guitar gently, then almost a shock, an electric guitar comes in, which plays a quick solo to end the piece of music. Listen, sit back relax on a Sunday evening.
Amazing single which needs to be addressed and listened to.

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