Coast to Coast – A Length Of A Smile

Coast to Coast are a five piece pop punk band from Birmingham Uk who take influences from bands such as Neck Deep, Boston Manor, Roam, and The Wonder Years.

Keiran Hyland – Vocals
Alex Edge – Lead Guitar
Josh Taylor – Rhythm Guitar
Zak Taylor – Bass
Jake Oseland – Drums
Coast-to-Coast-The-Length-of-a-Smile.jpgCoast to Coast released there latest Ep titled “A Length Of A Smile” which was released on 24th March 2017

Track list
1, AJax
2, Geranium
3, Heredity
4, Post Graduation
5, Stale
6, The Length Of A Smile

Ajax. The intro song to the Ep, the clean stand alone guitar riff at the start is followed quickly by the bass and drums coming in. The bass seems to be doing the lead melody line for vocals, and just backing up the vocals. The sense of being left is where the song points you with the idea of being kicked out of the picture and trying to plan the future, when your 16, trying to plan A-levels up to the last year of university. Being put in a situation where you have to make choices and being overwhelmed, with what you want to do. You’re young and you don’t know what to do, and as you look back on what you were doing then and what you’re doing now.

Geranium. A swinging start to the song, which quickly moves into a fast paced rhythm with very thick layers of instruments. This quickly drops into very think layers, the contrast throughout the song makes it very catchy to keep listening to. Geranium is a reference to flowers, which is mentioned in the second verse, and how flowers are still mocking him in the gardens. “You left the light on, When you knew I weren’t coming home” after you have finished the three years of university and you don’t want to go back to your parents house. The references about the picture and the school trophies still left in the room, let’s you know, that the parents haven’t changed the room yet. interesting message to a song named about flowers.

Heredity. Palm muted guitar intro, bangs us into the verse, let’s you have a minute silence, making you think of something serious, though it is just about his friends who don’t talk anymore. After leaving home getting your own place in second year, and thinking you’re independent but really you’re still living off your parents. Then maybe you should go back to see them but you don’t drive. You have a student loan, which gives you the sense that your independent.

Post-Graduation. The year you leave University after graduation is over, you leave a lot of people behind, how many people you meet. The idea of how on the day you graduated you think about the day you came in as a fresher, drinking and enjoying being in a new place, which you think how you took it for granted. Moving back home, can feel your taking a step back in life and not forward. Though gets drunk one last time, this song describes what after university is really like and how you will feel.

Stale. Being drunk or hungover in your lecture hall, which everyone he has been before. The guitar riff is really catchy and makes you want to listen more. The chorus is also a massive part, as Kieran sings “Fill Your Lungs” with this very unique lead guitar playing over which is loud to hear but not too loud so it drowns out anything. Just before the last chorus there is a break where the vocals really shine on its own and leads the charge into the last chorus. Though remember if something makes you happy just do it, your young at university, life hasn’t started yet.

The Length Of A Smile. The title of the EP, an acoustic song which just finishes the Ep off very beautifully. The losing of the smile, happiness is starting to go, living alone, wondering if its a bad thing to be doing or just fine. There is a lot more emotion in the song compared to the others, really strong ending but can be seen as being sad. Let go, enjoy, let the emotions out.

Overall great Ep based around university life and each song goes through a different step of how you should get through. Worth a listen, even if your not at uni or a post-grad, many lessons can be learned from these songs.


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