Red Winter – Some Friend You Were 

Red Winter are a five piece pop punk / punk rock band from Liverpool. Taking influences from Green Day, Goldfinger, Millencolin, Strung Out, Lagwagon and The Ataris.

Joe Norton – Vocals
Steven Bond – Guitars
James Rowan – Guitars
Phil Ryan – Bass
Arran ‘Shan’ Polhill – Drums

Red Winter released there single on 11th February 2017 titled “Some Friend You Were”.

The single is titled ” Some Friends You Were” which is heavily punky, fast paced, and straight to the point.  The intro is short which has variations of the walking bass idea which is heard just under the song, helps the song stick out a bit more. The vocals come on top for the verse which just fits perfectly with the volume of the recording of the track, very easy listening. A Key part of the song in the verse can be heard by the lead guitar, just over the top, though it is very quiet and has been put in the background. The transition between each section of the song makes it flow with ease and it feels like you’re getting carried away with the song. There is also a pre-chorus from the verse to the chorus which leads off with the palm-muting and more into open chords. The chorus is focused on supporting the vocal line, though the backing of the band is supporting the vocals, you can still hear everything, without anything being drowned out.
The message of the song, is really about having a friend which you thought would be there but now has left you alone. This could reference to having a friend for a long while, to only be back stabbed or let down.
This track has been well recorded and has a good overall sound, the direction of the sound is heading into more punk music, though people of many different music tastes will really enjoy this piece of music.
“I had you by my side”

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