Set Your Sights – Facade

Set Your Sights are a four piece pop punk band from Middlesbrough, which takes main influences from Alkaline Trio, A Day To Remember, Angels & Airwaves and Rise Against.

Alex Smith – Guitar/Vocals
Roy Myers – Guitar/Vocals
Adam Campbell – Bass/Vocals
Harry ‘Haz’ Casson – Drums

17861950_1428144550575785_2357067481377127389_n.jpgSet Your Sights released there latest single titled “Facade” on 7th April 2017.

The intro to Facade has this really quiet reverb guitar playing which slowly leads into the backing on the drums, which comes in with the floor tom. It leads into a crazy lead guitar which has the rest of the band playing stabby chords in the background, there is a transition to the verse which is smooth. The vocals come into the verse and seem to glide on top of the band, the thinning of instruments used really lets the vocals stand out with ease.  The chorus doesn’t change a lot from the verse which is a bit of a shame, knowing how strong and complex the intro lead guitar is, which should of moved into the chorus. If there was something added to the chorus, then it would of sounded a lot different, more layers and generally just a more rounded sound.
The vocals seem very mono which can be a great thing for this type of music but when you’re not having anything else taking the lead of the sound, it can seem kind of weak.
This is a single worth checking out and maybe have a look at there other releases there have done beforehand.

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