Better Than Never

Better Than Never are a six piece pop punk band from Oxford who take influences from Blink 182, A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Roam and Boston Manor.

James – Vocals
Will – Vocals & Guitar
Max – Guitar
Jim – Guitar
Jake – Bass
Alex – Drums

a1471210914_16.jpgBetter Than Never release there latest EP on the 2th December 2016 which titled “Head Under Water”.

Track List
1, 126
2, Learning To Swim
3, Dreamland Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be
4, Forty Eight
5, Lowhill Lane

126. The intro track for the Ep sits at only 1:04 which makes it the shortest track on the Ep. The song starts with a guitar riff, which slowly builds up with the rest of the band coming in, till it explodes into the main part of the song.  “And I’m tired,
And I’m broken” The first line of the Ep right out from the Pop punk lyric bag, being tired and just broken in life, when everything is against you. The song ends and leads into “Learning To Swim”

Learning To Swim. The song starts with long lasting chords with the lyrics of the chorus over the time, the split with vocals really fits with the melody and where it splits for the words.”She keeps my head underwater,” There is slight intro after this part before the verse starts which drops from thick layers to a very thin layer. The build through the verse which leads back into the full chorus. The effective contrast of having the verse on thinner layers and then the chorus having thick layers, makes the chorus really catchy.
After the second chorus it drops into a bridge which leads back into the intro, which is simply the most catchy part of the song, and it is a great hook for new listens.
“Nothing to talk about,  No-one can save me now”

Dreamland Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be. The microphone voice for the intro sings the first two lines of the chorus. The massive vocal lines just before the verse comes with the rest of the band,”I thought I would be,” after this line the song drops into the verse where it has stabs from the backing of the band and a real sense of having a swing effect to it. The chorus is big, loud, strong and very full which is compared to the verse songs massive due to the effect of having one thin and the other thick layers.
The lyrics give the impression of having a difficult start into the new year, and how it can make it hard to pick yourself, though maybe this is not that different from the year before and everything is just the same.

Lowhill Lane. The last track of the Ep has a really similar intro to “126”, though after the build up there is more of a lead guitar riff with the intro. The verse has this stick out guitar riff under the vocals which just helps bring the song up and makes it stand out at strong for the last track. The melody in the chorus really sticks with you and will draw people back to the song and give that effect of remembering and listening to this song again.

The Ep stands out strong from the previous release by Better Than Never and the song is so different, you can see definate progress. Though they should of maybe included an acoustic song for the Ep and try to change some of the structures for their songs, so they aren’t predicable. Though as a pop punk release this will stand out strong along side other releases.

“Our heartbeat is slowly fading away,”



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