Lying For Friends – Get Rich Or Die Lying

Lying For Friends are a three piece Pop Punk/Alternative band from Solihull who are taking influences from bands such as Blink 182, The OffSpring, +44, Yellowcard, Pennywise & New Found Glory.

Joe Kingston – Guitar/Vocals
Mike Green – Bass/Vocals
Matt Herman – Drums

Lying For Friends released their latest EP tilted “Get Rich Or Die Lying” on 21st April 2017.

1. Picasso
2. All Weekend
3. Napalm Sunshine
4. Return Flight
5. Confessions

Picasso. Is this a Pop Punk band referencing Pablo Picasso the famous painter!? Two sets of time periods which you never thought would be put together, the title of the song makes you imagine that a story will be painted in the song. Though the song speaks of a friend, so maybe his name was Picasso or maybe he was a painter himself. The hyper active song this intro track, sets you up for the rest of EP. Fast pace, hard beating song, telling a story about a friend, and which friends come and go. The heavily catchy chorus of the song, which screams “Picasso” loud and strong lets the melody stick in your head really easily. Amazing intro track to the Ep.

All Weekend. Exploding intro with massively thick layers of guitar sounds on top of each other, which drops back to drum and bass, with lead vocals for the chorus. This does feel more like old 2000s pop punk bands which is a breath of fresh air from a lot of other new pop punk bands. The chorus the “Na, Na” is something to be careful with, as it doesn’t benefit the song in any way, though the chorus and everything else is great and perfectly fits. Towards the title of the song is repeat “All Weekend” over and over again before the last part comes in, having different sections help break it up, making sure the bridge is different to the rest of the song.

Napalm Sunshine. A lot more punky then “Picasso” and “All Weekend”, also seems to have a lot of different stories to tell from the other two songs. The title “Napalm Sunshine” kind sounds something similar to “Bad Religion” or “Anti Flag” would be, war related. In the intro /  verse of the song there is the idea of someone being dead and lying in someones else arms on your last breath. This type of more punk /  dark lyrics seems to fit a lot better with the vocals. The chorus is very much gone from palm muting verse to a more of open chord set of chords for the chorus, which is great for this song, simple, easy to listen to. Best part “What a perfect way to die” towards the end of the song there is a break in the song, which then quickly goes back into the chorus, though after the first line, there is a stop and then start. Something so simple for a song can really make it stand out, and having the vocals fit right for the song.

Return Flight. The acoustic is here, gentle drop from the full bands songs, to just guitar and vocals, this vibe can remind you of +44, the voice sounds similar and the atmosphere of the song is very relaxing. About halfway through the rest of band appears but not as loud and fast paced as the other tracks, the intro pace flows into it, smooth transitions. Returning back to your hometown, and how so much has changed, referencing to maybe when you move countries and now you are flying home. Listening to this song, and your own message will come from it.

Confessions. The last track of the EP is very much similar to the other tracks with the intro and then the verse has this shifty rhythm which is really different to the other tracks on the EP, and the chorus melody seems to have more movement than some of the other songs. As sitting at the bottom of the EP list, it gets you going off the EP with a bang, this would have maybe fitted better earlier on and maybe not so late.

Overall the EP works out well and the strongest two would be Napalm Sunshine and Return Flying these two songs really suit the bands type of style, vocals and general sound. Hopefully we will be seeing more of there work which fits around more darker / meaningful lyrics.

“Running around this city chasing pretty girls”

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