Time For 15 – Still Life

Time For 15 are a three piece Alternative Rock / Pop Punk from Boston UK, taking influences from Blink 182, Green Day, Alkaline Trio and Sum 41.

Oli – Lead Guitars/Vocals
Alex – Bass Guitars/Vocals
Kieran – Drums/Vocals

18052754_10209195441583381_1681808205_n.jpgTime For 15 released their latest single called “Still Life” which was released on 2nd April 2017 and was mixed and mastered by Zac Pritchett (Hello Tomorrow)

12 Tomorrow starts of with a synths which breaks into full band, the intro id fast paced and strong, with loud sound you can sense the Pop Punk influences from the start. The verse starts with “I’d rather hurt myself to get to you” a standard relationship problems song, kind of telling you where this is going. The song drops very quiet which with the backing of the guitar. Though the vocals seem weak, which struggles to carry. Sweet short verses to get you hooked into the catchy chorus, which works perfectly fine, strong chorus, very poppy and has that dance vibe to it. The best part would mean you have to look at the second verse which when the vocals seem to have more of split in the lyric line.”My head plays games, my heart feels pain,”
Though a very Pop Punk song which can be looked at being  good and bad thing. The good that this is doing, is putting you into a scene which is good, so knowing if you already like another band you will like this band. The bad would be the lack of it being original to its own band. As a single this song doesn’t stand strong alone to be a single, lacks a lot of strength with in the song, however it is far from a bad song at all.

“Ah fuck it, lets fall in love again”

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