The Run Up – Sink or Shallow // North

The Run Up are a five piece punk rock band from Bristol who sound similar to Rise Against, Sum 41, Billy Talent, Neck Deep, Blink 182 & Sugarcult.

Larry – Vocals
Nick – Guitar
Charlie – Guitar
Benji – Drums
Daniel – Bass
a1962965602_16.jpgA Run Up released there latest release on 21st April 2017 tilted “Sink Or Shallow // North”
1, Sink or Shallow
2, North

Sink or Shallow. Blast down intro, punk rock summer has come around which is the vibe you get straight off the bat of “Sink or Shallow”. The opening chord verses the aggressive vocals is a real eye opener to an old punk rock sound, fresh to an old sound. Fast pace goes through from the intro all the way through the verse to the chorus, which has a really catchy melody line “Where Ever You Go…”. There is a wind down period of the song which is towards the end, which has a build up in layers, sound and instruments which will follow into the final chorus, as it ends with standing long chords.

North. Thick and fat layers for the intro having a lead guitar line on top, giving the extra flavour to the song. The verse seems more beatdown with the same type of guitar backing but the vocals are in and standing out strong over the song. There is a verse part 2 which drops back to drums and bass, with of course the vocals on top, there is little use of guitar at this point and this really brings the different levels to contrast. The chorus talks about heading up north, the use of almost making split vocals for the chorus really suits the voices, though if they, maybe if the the second voice was more clean. The North has lots of little builds, for the chorus and has a bridge as well, and when someone listens to this song they will find their own part to love.

The two songs have a very similar vibe, fast paced, hard hitting sound, think layers, though each has their own different parts which will be different from the rest of the song. Two great songs though “Sink or Shallow” stands as the stronger song and seems to suit the band a lot more.


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