Homesick – Long Haul

Homesick are a five piece pop punk band from Nottingham, with a similar sound to All Time Low, We The Kings, Mayday Parade, The Summer Set and Boys Like Girls.

Ruby Turner – vocals
Ben Hardy – lead guitar
Honor Westlake – rhythm guitar
Chris Garland – Bass
Alfie Parnell – Drums

500x500.jpgHomesick released there EP titled “Long Haul” on the 31th January 2017.

Step Out. The first track gives you the setup for the Ep, which feels right away like a proper pop punk band. Growing older, leaving school, going to university and leaving your hometown. They have a very typical sound; the instruments and the overall mixing of the track. The vocals seem weak in the song and appear to be getting drowned out, and it can be difficult to understand what the song is about. The chorus melody stands out more and you can kind of get a message and sense about what Ruby is singing about; being nervous, shy and having anxiety. What makes this “Step Out” a lot better would be the bridge in which the track drops back, giving the song thinner layers, that would seem to suit more to the type of vocals and instruments. Not a bad starting song though it could have been a lot stronger.

Drawing a Blank. Fast paced, hard hitting, the twinkling lead guitar leads the charge into the verse. The use of contrast in the verse having a thin layer and letting the vocals express the story. “When I’m alone and you’re racing through my head”. A Pop punk story talking about a relationship and how someone left you and you’re still thinking about them. The chorus is about the day which the break up happened and how upsetting and how bad that day is.

Missing Before You’re Gone. Soft intro, the lead guitar has a really relaxing guitar riff. Which fits with the rest of the song. The verse is gentle which almost speaks a story, which tells you the details of what has happened. The chorus explodes and has a lot of layers, but the mixing and the recording doesn’t make it explode and it just seems to stay at the same level. The verse is a lot stronger then the chorus, the stabbing chorus doesn’t do it justice, and it would have maybe worked more straight and have it more hard hitting. If the contrast was a lot bigger this song would be better in the sense of structure but the ideas are there and it defiantly works.

Fairweather. This is the last track of the EP, and it is really strong for the end. There seems to be different ideas of structure and use of different layers. The title of the song “Fairweather” fits with the lyrics of the song as well, as being a “Fairweather” means you are turning up when things are going good. This doesn’t stand a lot out from the rest of the songs, so can be underwhelming.

The EP has good ideas and is a great start. The recording, balance of all the songs kind of let it down though. The songs themselves are well written and the structure for each song has been well done, though maybe a change up in lyrics or maybe do a story Ep so each songs rolls into each other, that type of style would really suit what these guys are looking for.

“Hold on FairWeather”

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