Thank The Academy – Guilt Trip

Thank The Academy are a five piece pop punk band from Birmingham, who take influences from Blink 182, A Day To Remember, Roam, Neck Deep and
The Wonder Years.

Joe McNally – Lead Vocals
Ellis Lawrie – Guitar
Joe Stancombe –  Guitar
AJ Drew – Drums
Jord Hopkins – Bassist

a2950426086_10.jpgThank The Academy released there single “Guilt Trip” onto youtube in January 2017.

Guilt Trip. Starts with a soft guitar which explodes into fast paced, pop punk lead guitar riff over the top of the track. You know what you’re in for from the first 10 seconds of the song. The stab break between the intro and verse lets the song set from the open chords and twinkling lead guitar to heavy palm muting. The vocals are a bit of a shock at first as they seem to be very low and almost growling instead of higher vocals. There is a part two of the verse where the lead guitar comes back in with broken chords and the vocals seem to get more melodic. Guilt Trip at this point of the song really seems to have a smooth poppy vibe going on. The vocals continue as the rest of the band takes a step back, before the chorus starts, “You got me on a Guilt Trip”. There is a bridge part of the song which goes into more of A Day To Remember” breakdown which almost doesnt fit the style and the song. This part even with the vocals seem to move away. Very heavy influenced by the pop punk scene and the song unfortunately suffers from that slight lack of originality.


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