The Ground We Tread – To All That Was

The Ground We Tread are a five piece pop punk band from the Dundee area that are influenced by The Wonder Years, Paramore, Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, and The Story So Far.

Shannon Henderson – Vocals
Nathan Blair – Bass
Brodie Mack – Guitar
Euan Reid – Guitar
Ross Stewart – Drums


Track List
1, Sweet Taste
2, Perfect Disaster
3, Saving Face
4, Without Purpose
5, Blisters

Sweet Taste. The first track of the Ep starts with a quick drum fill which leads into the main part of the intro, which a very catchy and a signature hook from the lead guitar, which fits the style from the start. The verse for the band, drops back and the vocals come out on top, a very simple structure pattern but very effective. The chorus is loud and strong with the guitars opening up the chords, the chorus is split into two different parts, which goes straight into stabs. The bridge drops is really full with layers which leads to the most important part of the lyrics. The type of sound from the recording sets the listeners up for what the EP is going to sound like and you can definitely get the Pop Punk vibe.

Perfect Disaster. The first verse opens with drum and bass and the vocals just over the top. It is really the hook / highlight of the song. The movement from the verse to chorus doesn’t seem to have a massive impact, even with the extra layers coming in from the guitars.  Having more layers seems to quite be vocals a lot more. There is a more catchy part later in the song, where the bass is leading with a slightly distorted voice over the top. Perfect Disaster brings together some really key ideas which you can tell the band is strong for, but then it is the best part of the song.

Saving Face. The difference in the sound, the layers and structure of the song, can really give people a different view of the band. The more minor key towards the song, seems to fit the band and makes the song feel more serious. “Get Me Out Of This Place” the chorus has a serious first line, which you can hear clearly and feel the imapct and strength of the song. Saving Face stands out on the EP, and it is a really song track.

Without Purpose. Starts of very simliar to the early tracks on the EP, moves more into pop punk. Very straight forward song, doesn’t seem to be a stand alone track which can make it blend into the others. However the track is good and for the Ep it fits in well.

Blisters. Last track must be good, a different style of guitar riff at the start of the song, which quickly moves into the intro part two. The verse has a big hitting beat which is getting carried by the drums. The message seems to be about trying to work for money and making ends meat, trying to get by in life.

Overall the EP is a really good starter for “The Ground We Tread” and there are mainly different ideas going on which will hopefully build into a newer EP idea. Which we can hope for In their next release. There are many different types of songs, which all mix into a very decent EP.


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