The Last Confidence – This Mess Is A Place

The Last Confidence is a four piece pop punk band from Cortenuova Bg Italy who are signed to Loserkid Records, their sound is similar to bands such as Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, The Wonder Years, Neck Deep & Real Friends. 18301026_1366468000100648_32539251613427830_n.jpg

Marco Cosentino – lead vocals/guitar
Cristiano Ronchi – guitar/backing vocals
Hélio Gomes – bass/backing vocals
Diego Facchi – drums

Track List
1, Heuristic
2, This Mess Is A Place
3, Two Guys
4, Smokin’ My Days Away
5, Rendez-Vous
6, Music Is My Drug
7, Violenza Carnale (Acoustic)

Heuristic. Steady intro drums, pushes forward with a clean guitar on top, this has a sneak in from the bass just backing the track, this would be the intro for the Ep.

This Mess Is A Place. This is the title track of the Ep and starts off with hard hitting drums which quickly swaps into the full bands intro. The verse doesn’t go down into layers from the verse but the bass seems to have more say in the overall sound, though the lead guitar has been left strung out for the song. The pick slide comes in late in the verse, which leads into the guitars then playing a long with the verse. The chorus’s first line can really give an eye opener for what the song is about “Because it was so hard to lift me from the cliff” there is almost the sense of someone considering suicide, and then “I’m not like him, I’m trying to be better than this” is clearly a reference  back to another guy who you just can’t be like to get the girl.

Two Guys. This is a really up lifting song, “Be More, be more than you used to say”, a very positive out look to have on life. There it talks about someone who has gone and is not around any more. The super catchy chorus medley really sticks in your head, and the overall backing to the vocals really fits together. Very effective having thick layers and having quick snappy breaks to break up each section of the song. Truly worth a listen.

Rendaz-Vous. A swinging intro, with a pop punk lead guitar riff on. The key which attracts and hooks, would have to be from when it goes from full layers from the intro to the verse. There are more breaks and different sections in Rendaz-Vous, making it stand out a lot in the EP, strong track, alone and with the Ep. The bassist and drum have some really key parts, which carry the section changes and keep the track going. “Catching up with the pals I haven’t seen in a while” missing the hometown friends, Pop Punk at heart.
Music is My Drug. Faster pace, short track and the Punk of the band is coming out. Starts of with the title of the song “Music is My Drug” the breakdown in this song, is just too good, having the lyrics repeat and having different vocal layers on top. The drums playing a massive part and keeping  the beat still going.

Violenza Carnale, which is the only track not in English and the Last track so take a listen, the emotion is in the voice.

“Non Sono Solo”

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