Have No Clue – Nosedive

Have No Clue are a four piece pop punk band based in Esztergom, Hungary who sound similar to Blink 182 , Sum 41, Nofx, Bad Religion and Good Riddance.

Bence Varga – Guitar / Back vocal
Patrik Fábián – Guitar
Bence Werner – Bass
István Takács – Vocal

Have No Clue released there single on January 14th 2017 titled NoseDive.

Nosedive. Quick section changes, fast punk, aggressive vocals and a swift change of rhythms. Intro; the band starts together, drops to the bass, which then goes to a small rift, you’re instantly hooked to the track. The transition to verse has this punky, blast bear drums, making the bass stand and brings the track together, “Take a closer look and maybe you will see”. The overall recording and the balance of all the instruments with the vocals “Used it to build a deep trench” make the track just that much better. . This track is strong and really shows the punk side of their music, and what they stand for. The writing is also on point for the lyrics of the song like this line “Maybe I appear a little bit cynical in your eyes
But these past years have taught me that I cannot take a side”

“Transition of ’89 was born to be hanged”

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