Third Time Luckie – Never Alone

Third Time Luckie are a three piece pop punk / punk rock band from South of England who are influenced by the American stake-punk scene which include bands such as Green Day, Blink 182, Alkaline Trio and Sum 41.

Chris Horner – Guitar / Vocals
Andy Clare – Bass / Vocals
Carl Swietlik – Drums

Releasing there latest single “Never Alone” which was released early in the year.

The tracks lead vocals are from “Andy Clare” as the band splits up the song, between the two vocalists.

Simple and effective guitar riff which starts off by itself which lets the rest of band come in behind it, there is a very unique sound to the instruments. When the verse comes in there is a definite “Blink 182” vibe to the song, clean guitar and the mellow sounding voice. The pre-chorus speeds up and builds up into the chorus, then the chorus just breaks into long held chords “you find your way back to our lives”, the melody and the lyrics are really catchy and will stick in peoples minds. The second chorus is not just the same, because of the first chorus having such small layers the exploding thick layers of the second chorus really stands out. The breakdown of the instrumentals really helps to break up until the last chorus of the song.
This band and track have an early 2000s vibe going on worth an listen.


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