Charlie Says – Lunarians

Charlie Says are a four piece alternative/indie rock band from Cardiff who take influences from a wide range of bands, from “Arctic Monkeys”, to sounding a bit more like “Kids In Glass Houses”.
Dai Amaro – Guitar
James Jones (Jimbob) – Drums
Jamie Parry – Bass Guitar
Alcie Bela – Vocals18403420_1439002402844058_2685352532083169863_n.jpg
Track list
1, Never Loved You Lass
2, Smokey Jones
3, Leave a Light On
4, Anna With Attitude
5, Sing Me To Sleep

Never Loved You Lass. The bouncy, stabby intro to the song, leads into a smooth verse. The use of breaks in the verse and shifts in rhythmic patterns and having it based around the vocals makes a strong piece of music.

Smokey Jones. Very smooth intro, with a walking bass and light gentle guitar over the top. The instant mood you get put into, you know right from the start that it is a serious song. The title of the song, is the cutting part between the verse and chorus. It does feel like a very thin song, where the guitar doesnt fill up the chorus completely. The rhythm, little breaks, indents in the music, really keeps you hooked to the music.

Leave a Light On. Acoustic guitar intro, the vocals sets the verse off, and the drops come in. This is a very gentle sounding song. The verse and intro is strong, which is very different to the other tracks. The change over to the chorus from the electric guitar coming in, doesn’t really fit as well, and the more indie type of music comes out. The very thin layer throughout doesn’t spring contrast from the verse to the chorus. There are clearly more instruments but it doesn’t sound full enough to be a chorus.

Anna With Attitude. The fast guitar riff at the start followed by the drums really brings the band together. The track of the instruments works really well but the vocals doesn’t seem to be fitting the track that well. The more indie from the bands influences really show in the song which can make you people see a very different side to what the band is cable of. The key part which really sticks out strong would be the guitar part which happens just before the last chorus, “Dai Amaro” has worked well with “Jamie Perry” & “James Jones” to make a strong backing.

Sing Me To Sleep. The last title for the track really fits well with the track itself, the dragging sound really can be putting you to sleep. The bass intro to the track is very different to the last track and clearly the bassist “Jamie Perry” knows what he is doing. As the rest of band comes in, the vocals can feel that it makes the track drag out. As this being the longest song and not having loads of different sections can make the vocals feel like they don’t end. Towards the end though the track has an amazing guitar sound for the outro just finishing off the EP amazingly.

Overall the Ep from the boys as a backing is strong and there are key parts of the music which sound amazing. The vocals can drag out the songs a bit too much and make it feel very slow, though with a bit of work these sounds and future recordings will sound amazing.


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