TRAVELLERS – Deatheaters

TRAVELLERS are a five piece Rock/Alternative/Electronic band from Tuscany TU, Westcoast who sound similar to bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Nine Inch Nails, Adam Kills Eve, Piece The Veil and Enter Shikari.

Alessandro Cheti – Lead Vocals
Marco Martino – Drums
Daniele Scutumella – Bass
Claudio Brandani – Guitar
Rocco Castellani Tarabini – Guitar


Track List
1, Join The Club
2, Young Blood
3, Heavy Eyes
4, The Upside Down
5, Adrastea (Northern Lights)
6, Hangyaku
7, The House Built In Neibolt Street
8, Godric’s Hollow
9, The Devil’s Path

Join The Club. Shouting, screaming and synth intro to the Album, has this massive build up before the rest of band comes in. Massive lead guitar riff going across over the track stands out, with loads of different fills from the drums as well, really makes one big statement for the intro track. Contrast levels with the different use of layers from the intro to the verse, which strips back to having the vocals just on top with the bass being the lead instrument and drums to back it. The amount of breakdowns can not be put into one sentence for ending of the song has a breakdown to help lead into the next track, and ends with a solid sounding hit from the floor tom.

Young Blood. The fast paced, thick sounding guitars, massive drums and the bass fill in the gaps of almost signature sound for the band. This drop from the intro to verse hooks you right into the song, striping down to the raw backbone of the band. Thickness of the bass sounding really sticks out through the whole track without a doubt and really it pushing the track along. The little breaks between sections keep the music impressive and keeps everything progressing with different sounds, riffs and length of time breaks. Synths section is really beautiful which almost has this dreamy effect going on, this is just before the second chorus. Truly an amazing song.

Heavy Eyes. Synths are heavily used in the verse and almost the whole part of the song which is telling the story. For the chorus the whole band comes down with massive layers and thick guitar sounds that hit like a ton of bricks coming in at you. The swapping between these two sections make the song what it is, there is a sense of a more straight forward lay out.

The Upside Down. The stabbing guitars in the verses stands out and you can hear them perfectly but it doesn’t over power the vocals. The fast tempo and the breaks between the instruments really sounds totally different to the other songs on the album. The sounding of the instruments also sounding very different to the rest and you can see a very particular side to the band. The build up to the chorus is amazing, from the verse to the chorus it starts with a low amount of layers which builds up into full open chords guitar. The drops, screaming and build ups are the things to hear out for.

Adrastea (Northern Lights). A very Synth heavy song, which is almost an Interlude between the tracks and helps break up the album, the very spacious feeling track really makes you reflect on the previous tracks.

Hangyaku. Has a massive use of synths at the start which slowly breaks into an full band song, which is a slow build up. “Give me one good reason” is the line which starts the full on band, the break between the synth and the intro really hooks and amazes how two very different songs are fitting together. The fast tempo of the song goes through the whole song and only the slow part is the intro synths. As you get towards the end of song, the lead vocals are a moment which shines out, where everything drops back a part from the vocals and synths, which keeps you listening to song.
“The One You Used To Call Friends”

The House Built In Neibolt Street.  The 1,2,3,4 count intro and the fast, active break into a hyper song. The screaming, shouting vocals in the verse at the start is such a fresh sounding song for these guys. The different layers of backing vocals and lead vocals through the whole song, overlapping each other sounding amazing and unique. Bridge having a drum going and having a microphone voice over the top “Run Away and Keep Smiling” , and then having the bass slide in, helps build back up the song for the last chorus. The little breaks of scream vocals using the word “Run”,  back to clean, breaks up the song to give a really strong contrast.
The haunted house on 29 Neibolt Street!?

Godric’s Hollow. Harry Potter? A full instrumental using a wide range synths and different textures, making a break before the last track of the album.

The Devil’s Path. The last track of the album is building from the “Godric’s Hollow” the synth and quiet intro. There is no holding back, the vocals are right out there and there is more of a punk vibe going on with it going so aggressive. The unique style of music from  “TRAVELLERS” really shows in this last song, the amount of different breaks, sharp turns and screaming vocals, makes it who there are.

Overall the album is a crazy ride up and down through different sounds from guitars, bass, drums, vocals and then the use of many synths. Great piece of music and 100% worth a listen, and can’t wait to hear what is next.

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