Third Time Luckie – Wide Eyed Thinking

Third Time Luckie are a three piece pop punk / punk rock band from South of England who are influenced by the American stake-punk scene which include bands such as Green Day, Blink 182, Alkaline Trio and Sum 41.

Chris Horner – Guitar / Vocals
Andy Clare – Bass / Vocals
Carl Swietlik – Drums


Wide Eyed Thinking has Chris Horner as lead vocals.
Pop punk sounding intro with the guitar riff over the top of the track which quickly drops to drums and bass and having long guitars over the top. Relationship problems you can hear from the first line that has been sung, “Open Up The Gates Of Hell, Then Threw Away The Key”. The pre-chorus has different vocals with the line “Nothing I Did Was Ever Good Enough For Her” the amount of pop punk lines about relationships really come out. The chorus has a strong melody from the vocals which is really catchy, the thick layers of the chorus really sticks out compared to the verse. The title is used as the main hook in the chorus “Wide Eyed Thinking” as it is being used as a title and the main part of the chorus it will stick in your head for a longer time. The bridge which is heavily guitar focused is only short in till the drums and bass come back in, but this section helps break up the song. Ending with the chorus is finish of a really short piece of music.
“This Ship Is Sinking”

Short track but sweet track about relationship problems.

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