Safeguard – When Did You Stop Caring?

Safeguard are a five piece pop punk band from York and taking their main influences from blink-182, Neck Deep, Trash Boat, WSTR, Knuckle Puck, The Story So Far and Roam.

Declan Gough – Vocals
Martyn Marsh – Guitar
Denholm Horn – Guitar
Zak Lonsdale – Bass
Connor Dale – Drums16649174_1894698397425403_1084475254642236083_n.jpg
Track list
1, Introvert
2, Empty Nest
3, Footsteps
4, Retrospect
5, Better Off

Introvert. A shy person? This is the intro track of the Ep, having a quote from back to the future, “When This Baby Hits 88 MPH, You’re Going To See Some Serious Shit”. Really kicks you off ready for the fast paced pop punk songs to start.

Empty Nest. The direct lead from the intro track lets this track start off with almost no intro. Your friends have gone to university and now you’re sitting at home, alone. Let’s go back to school and enjoy hanging out once again. The straight forward track with the verses and chorus’s blast beats, lets the bridge part of the song seem a lot more tense and a lot more important. This tracks early position lets you hear the sound of the band from the start, and you know right away what you’re in for.

Footsteps. The shouting vocals, blasting drums, with the heavy bass guitar and the over distort guitar, makes a unique twist on the current pop punk scene. Pre-chorus has a great use of question and answer between the lead guitar and the vocals, the sound used for the guitar is amazing and really shows the talent of the members of the band. The part that Stands out is the female vocals just behind the lead vocals, which seems to give more a of medley thickness due to the spreading out of the tones between the voices. The following in the footsteps of your self in a relationship, going around in circles.

Retrospect. Getting later into the EP maybe trying to hear something different, tho it feels very similar to the tracks before it. The uniqueness of sound is still very strong in this one, knowing that it is them, its easily recognisable, and the full band blasting beating drums sounds great. This track is hitting to the last full band track as the last track is acoustic.

Better Off. The last track ends on a soft, gentle and acoustic piece which sings about someone leaving home and leaving you in your hometown. This track really lets the Ep round off towards the end, helping make the Ep have a great story with a perfect ending.

The running theme of leaving your hometown, relationships problems and your best friends, makes this a perfect example of an pop punk EP.

“How can you say, you don’t see me that way”

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