Early Warnings – Anything Like This

Early Warnings are a five piece band from Santiago de Chile who take influences from such bands as A Day To Remember, blink-182, Green Day, State Champs and Neck Deep.

David Ahumada – Vocals
Diego Godoy  – Guitar
Rodrigo Sivila – Guitar
Javier Pérez – Bass
Federico Gepp – Drums19222751_1344632762319847_2430763164484666213_o.jpg

Track List
1, My First Step
2, Another Day
3, On My Own
4, 16 Hours
5, Let Me Love You

My First Step. The very pretty and amazing hook from the lewd guitar which is just over the rest of the band. Verse is heavily palm mute with the vocals doing a beautiful medley over the top. The massive sounding chorus really fills out and with the strong vocals which seems to stand out.

Another Day. The guitar sounds seem to have a heavy focus and the very different sounding from the intro lead guitar to the palm muting brings a lot of different contrasts from the start. The really work from the guitarist, little flicks, and little riffs through out. The chorus doesn’t explode and seems to keep at the same level as the verse but the melody is super catchy. The breakdown where the drums are just going on by themself with the gang vocals over the top. “Another Day, I Know”.

On My Own. The build up, breaks between sections , and suspense throughout, helps this song stand out a lot more. The amount of guitar riffs as well again, how much they have worked to make this sound amazing. The breakdown is now down to the bass which is quiet and has a microphone voice over the top, the chorus is repeated over the top.

16 Hours. Thin layers for the verses which leads into a heavy chorus, has the pop punk vibes going throughout. The type of song you will listen over summer and while your on a road trip. The track has a very straight forward pattern with struture but due to the unique sound, it stands out compared to the other tracks.

Let Me Love You. The last track of the Ep seems more rocky / alternative and also a cover of an artists called “DJ Snake”. You can have the original version of the song but definitely they have made this their own song and it is really amazing and good to hear a different side of the band. Great last song to finish of the Ep.


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