Everyone And Anyone – A Page From a Journal

Everyone and Anyone are a five piece Pop Punk band from sunny Rhyl, North Wales who take influences from Blink-182, Neck Deep, The Wonder Years, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy and Creeper.

Rob Grey – Vocals
Gary Whitehead –  Guitar
Scott Heaven – Guitar
Mikey Rowlands  – Bass
Aaron – Drums


Track List
1, Yearbook
2, Coffee & Contemplation
3, A Page From A Journal
4, Better Days

Yearbook. Hyper song singing about the good times of being at school and how the yearbook turned out at the end. The breakdown with then echo gang vocals and drums behind, has this feeling of importance especially with how the lead vocals reenters on top, over the track.

Coffee and Contemplation. Pop punk full band with the heavily influenced pop punk riff on top. The blast beating drums helps the song carry into the verse and has a good pace. “fuck it, I will be alright” the pre-chorus which the lyrics stands right out, which really catches the attention of the listener. Having a long time to think about something which has happened and then having a coffee on the side. The vibe you get though that is about someone else and how you’re still thinking about them.

A Page From A Journal. The title track of the Ep, has the similar pop punk vibe to the other songs on the track, though you can hear there seems to be more work done on this track and the message is very up lifting, about the life of youth and what you used to do as a kid. “Spend a weekend or two, on the bedroom floor like we used to do”

Better Days. The last track sounds massive, fast paced, hard hitting drums, the deep bass and the pretty guitar riffs, the perfect track to finish of the Ep. The message from the track is almost saying bye, by wishing for better days and hopefully a better tomorrow.

The sounding of the guitar is very generic to the pop punk scene and then also how the drums aren’t a massive different to other bands and can kind lack out the creative of the band. The vocalist himself has this very thin layer of vocal and very unique tone to his voice, bringing the tracks up to sounding on its own.


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