Better Days – Split EP

Better Days are a four piece pop punk band from Newcastle upon Tyne, taking influences from Blink 182, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory and Yellowcard.

Graeme – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Joe – Guitar / Vocals
Lynch – Bass / Vocals
Sam –  Drums

Better Days released their Split EP with “WaySide Story” on the 30th June 2017.

Track List
1, Without you
2, Headway

Without You. Speedy, fast paced, massive intro, palm muting guitars in the verse, with a pretty lead guitar on top. Chorus sounding massive, with thick layers, the sound bringing a contrast over the whole song, so it stands out and you can tell when there are different sections of the song.  “And my love I will conquer, I’ll seize the day.” The very unique sound of the band stands out but you can here the pop punk influences into the band, tho this has more of a early 2000s pop punk sound.

Headway. An acoustic track giving you both sides to the band, their musical influences and talents. “Time flies now I’m happier,” Just a simple acoustic guitar with vocals singing about relationship problems. Relaxing and laid back song which lets the two song EP end on a peaceful note. “Cut me open and I’ll bleed the same as you. “

This short two track EP lets you have a quick insight to two different tracks, showing how different the band can sound, and there versatility.

“Always had the last word,”

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