This Time Last Year – Count Yearself Lucky

This Time Last Year are a four piece pop punk / emo band from Leeds who have been on stage with bands such as Coast to Coast and Catch Fire over the years. This Time Last Year have been involved mainly in the Leeds music scene but are now looking to expand out into other parts of the UK

Kyle Mardell – Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Eaglen – Guitar/Vocals
Matt Bridle – Bass
Lewis Surtees – Drums

Track List
1, Intro
2, Split Cell
3, The Last Straw
4, A Thing or Two
5, Post
6, 742

Split Cell. First full track, starts with broken chords and the vocals slid on top, with backing from the drums and bass coming in slowly. The intro / verse makes a unique sound to the band and from the start you get a clear sound for the band. Later towards the chorus it picks up into a pre-chorus which sounds a lot different to the verse and brings a good contrast into the song, but it’s hard to tell if this contrast works for the song however. The chorus itself, standing alone sounds really strong, and super catchy.

The last Straw. Hyper, fast and punky, the thin layer of backing sound from the band with the strong British singing voice over the top, really gives them an almost modern “My Chemical Romance” vibe, back when “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love” came out. The relationship which the song describes in the first line “start out like any other story”, that love stories end with one of you giving up.

A Thing Or Two. A lot slower intro, the very simple guitar riff mixing with the rest of the band, its guitar effect gets you hooked to the song. The chorus is very laid back, with the hamorising backing vocals, which the lead vocal line and the backing follow nicely. A key part would be when the song drops to bass and drums for the second verse, and I feel this really suits the voice a lot better.

Post. Clean and gentle guitar chord riff which sets the mood for the song early on. As the rest of the band comes in, it feels almost forced to fit with the guitar. The chorus is loud and strong, with the use of rhythmic change throughout the song. The bridge really breaks back from the full band and let’s the chords hold out. The messy melody lines going across over each other is really different to the rest of the songs and feels a bit forced.

742. Strong finishing track but it has a very similar pattern to their past songs on the Ep. The harmonies and backing vocals cost the verse while the chorus has the lead vocals over the top. The breakdown has the lead guitar with a small riff, and the gang vocals singing “Its My Fault”, the problem withblaming yourself about what has happened in the past.

Band instrument wise the guitars have got some really amazing riffswhich is shown in 742. The Thing Or Two is where the bass only really shines which they could’ve done a lot more with. The amount of breakdowns / bridges with no solo drum part, could have changed the sounding of a couple of tracks. Finally some of the vocal parts feel  a little forced onto the tracks, instead of just fitting with the track and sliding together with the rest of the band. There is a lot of strong parts throughout the Ep and a lot to build into, the song writing and talent is definatly there for the band but maybe a bit more attention to detail for each song.

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