Dirt Royal – Waiting for the Radio 

Dirt Royal is a three piece Alternative Rock / Rock n Roll band from Brighton who started in 2013, sounding similar to Kinks, The Libertines, The Kooks, Dirty Pretty Things, Razorlight and Babyshambles.

Charlie Russell – Vocals / Bass
Leon Fenton – Guitar / Vocals
Loz Hood – Drums

Track List
1, Waiting for the Radio
2, Bored of Your Complaining
3, Slugger – Demo
4, Mid Life Crisis Hotel – Demo

Waiting for the Radio. The British Rock n Roll can be heard from the start and it really sets up the vibe for the Ep. The catchy chorus, guitar riffs and the split between the voices in the verses really makes something beautiful and has a very fresh sound. The pre-chorus has two voices which harmonize with each other through the melody and the tones. There is a small bridge where there are “ooooo’s” and the guitar copies the chorus melody, while the rest of band builds up.

Bored of Your Complaining. Again with the British vibes from the start of the song, with the guitar riff which has a similar sound to that of The Libertines. The track leans on to the bass and drums towards the end which leads into the key hook line for the vocals “Getting Bored Of Your Complaining”. The track is shorter but still has all the key features of the bands sound.

Slugger – Demo. This is almost a peak at what might be coming next for future releases. The track is straight forward and the structure is simple, the track may not be complete, and the band could change it up. Though you can hear the bands signature sound and you know it is them from the start of the track.

Mid Life Crisis Hotel –  Demo. The second demo is a deeper look into their acoustic work. This song strips back the band and lets you really hear how good they are as musicians.

The two tracks and two demos make up a mix up of current work which thy will be playing at the moment and then a taste of what will be coming out. The insight you get into the band can really help to see if you will enjoy their next release.

Links : https://open.spotify.com/track/68kP4h31XS1GPJBAQ1wqss



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