Wolfe Sunday – Wolfe Sunday 

Wolfe Sunday is a alternative acoustic upbeat sound whose only member is Laurence Crow who is from London and signed under the label Beth Shalom Records, taking influences from a wide range of different artists such as Frank Turner, Beans on Toast, Brandon Neal, Gogol Bordella and Chuck Rogan.

 Wolfe Sunday released his self titled album on the 14th July , 2017.

Track list
1, Song For You
2, Mixtape
3, Damage Control
4, I Spend More Time At Service Station Then On Stage
5, The Barstool Brawlers Son
6, Let’s Start a Fire
7, Making Memories
8, Everything We Lost
9, Shoes
10, I’m Still Not a Rockstar, But I Wish I Was.
11, Living Rooms Aren’t For Living In, Anyway
12, English Water
13, Living Rooms Aren’t For Living In, Anyway (Acoustic)

Song For You. The intro vocal line with the acoustic backing really sets the song up for the fast paced verses/chorus. The chorus is up beat fast and cheerful, the song itself really sings about how he thanks people for coming to the show, friends, family and any stranger. Simple and sweet first track.

Mixtape. The gentle start with the intro telling the story about a girl, who him and her are going through a hard time. Sings about how, when there were young, were together and going on endless walks. The acoustic guitar sticks out strong with the band seeming to more backing the guitar and lead vocals. Sweet track lets the album express the signature sound of the artist early on. Though having a twist with a  sharping end, which really helps the album set up for the next track.

Damage Control. The charging intro, with the exploding start with the vocals singing a catchy melody. The first verse, first line is “I woke up in the morning full of alcohol and piss” you can the understand that there is some misbehave going on, maybe a party is it?. The “I” in the first line could mean it is relating to Laurence himself. As people listen through the song you will understand that the party is crazy and it will all happen again, the repeating cycle of life. The signature sounding of the vocals really sticks out, on this song, and the vocals really makes the listener have an easier time getting into the music. “And the neighbours are calling, some of them have started talking. And then they decide to join in too”

I Spend More Time At Service Station Then On Stage. The road trip vibe is going, the understanding of the message given, that being in a band touring, eating crap everyday and going to so many different places. The references about life and how it would have turned out like this if no one else inferred with his life. The acoustic starts the song and which quickly led by the rest of the band behind it. The track is straight forward and keeps it the tempo and pace up throughout the whole song. “I Play Guitar”

The Barstool Brawler’s Son. The change of pace, almost music genre as well, there seems to be a lot more of America country feel to this song. Being a pub and being drunk is the right atmosphere to get you into a fight. The pre-chorus vocal line really sets up the chorus, which the chorus starts with an question and answer theme going. The vocals do part one and then the acoustic replies to the vocal line. The ending with the solo from electric guitar really stands strong, and gives the song the perfect ending. “”Drinking gets you into fights, you’ve been drinking every night”

Let’s Start A Fire. The solo vocal line, no backing, no guitar just an clean vocal line which tells a story about what songs do and how different fashion statements can make a stand.

Making Memories. The acoustic guitar riffs, with a gentle bass notes backing it and a shaker. There is a massive build up towards the part of song when rest band comes in. The many different people and different memories he has made from meeting people. People can reflect about there past life and about there memories there had with people.
Everything We Lost. The relationship sad song on the album, which has a really slow pace to the song. There is a more serious meaning to the song which you can sense and feel. The smooth backing from the drums and bass really makes it an easy listen with the acoustic guitar just sitting on top. “Piece of the Puzzle” being with someone really makes a full puzzle but after the person leaves the puzzles breaks into pieces. Truly a great message which the listens can understand and see what there is life.

Shoes. 0.29sec of two guys taking about one guy asking another guy to go to the car to get his coke, which is next to his shoes. Nothing more, nothing less, the laid speaking really works for the album and it is a great break.

Living Rooms Aren’t For Living In, Anyway. The fast punk track which is almost then end of the album. Straight forward somg which goes on about to and explore the world.

English Water. The last track is super different has a really amazing acoustic riff which the intro is based around. The verse has this sense of telling a story of losing a ship and the ship sank into English waters.  The chorus is about how that her has been lost and there is not grave stone to be see. The her is about the ship which sunk under the water. This has a amazing breakdown which is very different from the rest of the album, so this helps the album finish off on a note that stands out really strong. The key acoustic ending to the album is beautiful and is really well throught out.

The backing of of the overall of the tracks helped back the main feature which is the guitar and the vocals. The lyrics, stories are amazing in each song, this album is worth a listen, and exploxe the album.

Amazing creative piece of art, from an great artist.

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