Dire Bloom – Seasons 

Dire Bloom are a five piece pop punk / alternative band based in Leeds U.K. They share a lot of similarities with an emo type sound, such as bands like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182 and Neck Deep.

Felix Kjåelberg – Vocals
Tom Cutts – Guitar/Vocals
JJ Armstrong – Guitar
Ben Whynes – Bass
Adam Kelly – Drums 

Dire Bloom released there EP “Seasons” on July 20, 2017.

Track List
1, Bittersweet
2, Colour Blind
3, The Art of Giving Up
4, Bleed Out

Bittersweet. The synthetic intro, which snaps into the full band. As the song breaks into the vocals and the verse, there is a slight step back from the rest of band. The Drummer really keeps the music at a good pace for the verse, with the lead guitar as well, the break inbetween the verse and chorus is on point, snap, clean and amazing sounding guitar for the riff in between. The screaming vocals helps push out key words in the lyrics and also helps the track have different amounts of contrast with volume. The chorus has over crossing layers with the vocals which is a really big catch / hook for the song.

Colour Blind. The vocals and guitar intro, then as the vocals come to the end an explosive sound starts from the band. The verse has layers of different sounds from each instrument that weave in and out of each other. The pre-chorus really sets up the chorus with a gap where the lead guitar pushes a small riff out. There is sense of a very relaxing feeling and has a laid back vibe going on. As the song breaks down towards the end, the band drops out slowly and you’re just left with guitar and vocals “the fear in my mind, until the eyes close”

The Art of Giving Up. Echo guitar intro, with a slight synth sound backing the track. “I can’t ease you” is the vocals just on top of the rest of the band. It goes from massive layers to thinner and the vocals go more aggressive and they get a lot louder. As the band comes back in the vocals go back to this thin layer. Amazing use of thin and thick layers of the vocals, which are in the verse and intro parts of the song. Clean changes between different sections of the song, amazing sounding instruments and lastly great contrast between vocals.

Bleed Out. Slap da bass for the intro riff, the band comes in but then as the vocals come in, the bass leads the main riff pattern with the slight lead guitar riff over the top. Each sections has its own twist going on, and there is a unique feeling throughout the track. There is heavy bass which keeps the track going, the drums are just supporting the track and helps it along, the guitars are moving in and out of the track supporting where they can. Towards the end though the guitars pull out a really beautiful solo guitar riff and then they also bring the track down slowly.

Dire Bloom’s sound has progressed from there previous works from the EP “Façade” which was released in 2016. The band and sound itself has gone into more of an emo vibe and is slightly stepping out and away from the pop punk scene. The tracks sound better, the instrumental parts of the each track have more detail and the vocal layers are much more in depth. Worth a listen and always keeping an eye on these guys.


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Written and reviewed by Arran Sahota



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