Drawstring are a two piece Emo band from Kent Uk, there influences are taken from Algernon, Iron Chic, Bon Iver and The American Scene.

Sam Shepherd – Vocals / Guitar
Ben Schulze – Drums / Vocals

a1017399995_10.jpgDrawstring released there album entitled “Cool” on December 2, 2016

Track List
1, Melon
2, Little Conversation
3, Cool
4, They Know I’m Not Okay
5, Ache
6, Weekend
7, Way Home
8, School
9, Chicago Town
10, What I Want
11, Johnny B Bad

Melon. Relaxing intro for the start of the album, it breaks you into what type of music the band is going to be like. The clean guitar sound playing different riffs throughout the song, really hooks listeners from the start of the track. There is a massive build up to the verse which drops back into more of an electric guitar riff, when the intro drops into the verse the first line is “My Melon”. The verse has a shifty rhythmic pattern with the band taking short breaks which lets the vocals continue on their own, the word that sticks out due to this, would be the word ” Melon”. Passing more into the song there is slight more quieter part which, has this massive contrast for the whole song. Happy, cheerful and amazing opening track.

Little Conversation. The song starts off with a full band long held note, which the vocals then lead the track into the verse of the song, the jingle sound of the guitar which sounds really thin and having the drums hit hard. The bass seems to be putting the guitar and drums togeather for the sound to become more smooth,which when the sound is massive it seems to be putting it togeather. Each sections works on their own, towards the chorus there are stabs of sound which the whole band does and then the verses are more straight.

Cool. The titled track for the album starts off with a hard hitting, fast pace and there is more of a pop punk vibe, short intro which swaps into the verse super fast. The pre-chorus which is a build up towards the chorus has the band play and then drops out when the vocals sing. Chorus has the lead vocals and then a backing vocals just below the track levels, but the backing vocals aren’t quiet there, mostly acting as secondary lead vocals, of two different melodies lines. The end is soft and quiet, thin layers of instruments which brings a hyper track to a slow and peaceful end. The track is short which the pop punk fits well in to, but maybe the punk side showed more in the track.

They Know I’m Not Okay. The clean electric guitar starts off soft, though the guitar is a riff which is fancy but a very simple use of chords. The track builds up the first time, then the drums slightly come in, then it drops back to the guitar. The second time around the drums come in and the vocals come in, almost whispering “I was on the way home”, after the line is sung, the smashing chords and long held notes come in. At the ending of the track the same line is repeated again, but it is more aggressive. The track seems like more of an intro to the album or into the next song, maybe this could be an intro to their live sets.

Ache. The intro is led in from the previous track. As this sound starts it does a call and answer instrumental part, the backing band doing one half of it and then the lead guitar doing a riff which fits well with the track and this again sounds very different to the other tracks. The first section of vocals cuts it back with an extreme strong and big snare drum, hitting away, which pushes the track forward. As the track picks up into, the guitars come in more and seem to have more of an influences on the track, then the previous section. The run down on the guitar riff stands out and is a really massive key part for the track to keep moving on, which keeps the track interesting. The last section which is the ending build, goes into more aggressive vocals which would of sounded amazing if maybe there was some guest vocals on the track.

Weekend. No one needs an intro to the weekend, the fast pace vocals which seem to end really fast and then slow down really fast, instead takes long held notes. There is a slight intro a guitar riff which is heavily pretty throughout the whole track and is the key hook. The track goes into an instrumental as major part of the track, where there is a lot of sharp turns / stops, giving different contrast within sections and then rhythmic changes throughout. Towards the end their vocals come back in, then end with the guitar riff, which riffs across the whole track having this twinkly sound, very clean, effect and attractive sounding track.

Way Home. Laid back, chilling and relexing on the way back home, the vocals at the intro quickly says about going back home but having no friends there. There is a massive build after, which then quickly breaks down which totally then sounds like a different track,  this then leads back into the laid back intro vibe and the same repeated vocal lines.

School.The palm guitar intro, leads into the explosion of sound as the rest of band comes in. The drop when the bands stops and the lead vocals sings the hook vocal line, “Its my Last Month In College”. The verses are very fast paced and straight to the point, the pre-chorus guitars do broken chords and have the slight vocal lines just over top. The chorus has a really catchy vocal line and really lets people relate to the music and the meaning of the song, on how school is not everything for the future of your job, life and all around well-being. The twinkly lead guitar in the  second verse is such a key part of the song and you can really hear every little detail that has gone into this song, there are no shortcuts in the writing for this song.

Chicago Town. The hitting buid up drums which then drops back to hi-hat and snare, lets the lead guitar riff sound strong. As the vocals come in, there are sung over a clean guitar riff. Instruments really make this track more over anything, the sound is massive when it needs to be and then quiet, thin and clean when it needs to be. The half timing ending, ends with a short snap of the band, can catch people by surprise.

What I Want. The vocals lead the intro, which is followed up by over lapping vocals. The verse has a swing motion feeling going on from the backing sound and the rest of the instruments, this stands from the rest of album. There is so much going on within the track, section changes here and there, moving between thick, fat sounding instruments, to then almost the sound of nothing. The slow and quiet goes down to be too quiet and can make it very hard to hear, but turning the volume up, might lead to a quick change in tempo and volume leave in the end. The stop and start instruments cuts between each parts of track, are amazing and really keeps the listener on the track.

Johnny B Bad. Sitting as the last track on the album which ends on are strong note for the album, there is very unqiue sounding track. The instrumentals soundings, seem to have a different twist on them , from the rest of the album, and this seems to have a stronger structure. There is a lot more balance with the amount of the instrumentals and the vocal lines, which lead to having more of a story and meaning for songs. The soft and gradual build to the track, lets the album end on a good note and having a different track can lead on to maybe their next release and give an insight on what they might be doing next.

Incredible instrumentals throughout the whole of the album, different sections, stop and starting, and each song having it’s own meaning as well and that there can all also stand on there only, as individual tracks.


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Written and reviewed by Arran Sahota



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