MAYPINE – In The Back of My Mind

MAYPINE are a five piece pop punk /alt-rock band from Brighton, Uk who are signed to
Disconnect Disconnect Records, there sound is similar to You Me At Six, As It Is, and Roam

Jason Payne – Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Dan Jarvis – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Becky East – Lead Guitar
Tommy Roberts – Bass Guitar
James Holdsworth – Drums

a3045080744_10.jpgMAYPINE released there Ep titled “In The Back of My Mind ” on August 4, 2017.

Track List
1, A Little Sooner
2, North/South Divide
3, Inside Out
4, Never Far Apart
5, Day After Day

A Littler Sooner. The intro track to the Ep, starts of with a blast, quick fill from the drums and your right into the sound of music. The verse breaks down into a heavy use of bass guitar keeping the pace going with the drums backing it up, there is rhythm guitar follows with the bass, keeping this low end of the track strong. The vocals are loud, clean, easy to understand and the unqie tone the voice has over the track which makes it very catchy for the to get into the music and have it on repeat to even start repeating some of the lyrics. “They said to me give it time, Never in the right place at the right time ” The build from the bashing drums which drives the band to build up there sound, in the pre-chorus and helps the track climb into the chorus, it can almost feel a struggle, like you going into the most epic chorus your going to hear. Chorus is loud, and leads in with this first line “The world spins around, I’m out of control again” the band at this point is at very fast pace, though the track breaks down into half time which really lets the track break down back into the intro and then back into the verse. “Never In the right place at the right time”. This is would be the first look at the Ep and hearing there sound, what type of band there are and how there fit into the pop punk genre. Opening track has done a lot, to set the Ep up for success.

North/South Divide. The next track has a little intro which is followed up with a massive explosive from the band coming in. The switch down the palm, fast pace and down end verse, has very fast pace and the momentum itself’s will carry on the song onwards into the pre-chorus which build up into the chorus. The massive sound from the intro comes back into the track but the only difference would be the catchy vocal line. The balance between each instruments and the overall sound, lets you hear everything part of music. Drums and bass are heard, there have a enormous strength together for holding down the low end of the track and filling in the gaps, the guitars work well together either doing same chords one at the low and another at the high end. Then we are left with the vocals pushing out the story of the track, about having the divide and having difficult with the relationship, how to deal with it. Key part to look at out for, would be bass solo which is done by Tommy Roberts within the bridge breakdown, which the band builds around, amazing build back up.

Inside Out. Pop Punk intro riff, which drops you right into that mosh pit at the gig. The intro is built around the guitar twinkling riffed which is fairly short but very effect and the instant hook to the track. The rhythmic stop and start in the verse, it feels like there is a short verse sections which have been put on loop, the vocals fit well with the band, and doesn’t song on its own. The pre-chorus breakdown “What the hell, am I meant to say” which is followed up a blast of sound from the band, then the second time is goes into the chorus. Meaning would be about how growing up and how people are changing in the world but you don’t really fit together. Then after growing apart and not how things used to be when you were kids together.

Never Far Apart. The heartbreaking acoustic song which has been placed in the track, the track is heavily led by Jason Payne who is doing the the first half of the song on acoustic guitar and vocals. There is a simple sounding to the guitar, very clean and the recording of the guitar is really good and doesn’t overpower the vocals. Remember someone ever though, there might of passed on and then wondering what life would have been like with someone, you can only imagine but never create. Halfway the band comes in, brings up the sound but again same as the instrument it doesn’t over power the vocals and the sensitive meaning is still there holding in the song. The lead guitar seems to be to quiet but there is has been an amazing job the solo which is just sitting under everything. The slow down towards the end of the track and the little details can go along way for the track and making it stand out on its own, beautiful productions and excellent song writing.

Day After Day. There is last track can almost feel that is has been thrown on the end of the Ep, this track sounds very different to the rest of the songs. The amount of guitar riffs which are on the side of song, really keep the sound changing and moves the track a head. Harsh hitting snare drum which is very strong in the verse can be heard over the whole part of the verse, sticks out but keeps the track going and in time. The vocals lack more then other song’s though there is a sense of unhappiness in the track and maybe your not of proud of someone more then you should be.  This sounds like that is a future look into the rest of music and what there might be coming out with next.


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Written and reviewed by Arran Sahota


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