Tides of Ire – The Burning Sea

Tides of Ire are a five piece Metal/Nu band based in Kent, UK, who were formed in 2015. They take influences from bands such as; Gojira, Machine Head and Rage Against The Machine.

Mark Wills – Vocals
Aiden Jee – Lead Guitar
Matt Kateley – Rhythm Guitar
Sam Alldridge – Bass
Leonardo Ozori – Drums

Their new EP ‘The Burning Sea’ was released just recently on the 27th July 2017, and has 4 tracks;

Track list:
1. The Burning Sea
2. December Night
3. Extraction
4. Repent/Replenish

The Burning Sea ~ I actually love this first track on the EP. It is a relatively short track, but packs a lot of fire. The intro starts off with a very angelic voice, giving us an almost solo choir,  above the noise of crashing waves. It’s very soothing, but at the same time unsettling; almost Siren like. As the waves start to take a back seat we get a strikingly clear chord come through, followed by some simple string plucking. All the while a much heavier guitar rhythm starts to fade in, taking the track from soft to battlefield. All this build up and change in pace flows through the track beautifully, As the tack comes to an end the heavy guitar cuts out and it finishes how it started, with the solo voice. This is an excellent start to their EP, and a very good decision to name the EP after this short track.  This really makes the band stand out in their own category, and sets you up for the rest of the EP. It’s something you’ll surely remember.

December Nights ~ There isn’t much of an intro to this next track, as it fires straight into fast paced and hard hitting sound from the guitar and drums. The catchy rhythm picks up more speed as more guitar and drums kick in. This gives you the proper build up feel to the song. This then slows down slightly, with longer struck chords, and you get ready for the vocals to start. As they do we get this distant shouting almost, that you can just hear, and the guitar switches to this really nice and simple line. This doesn’t last long before the song kicks in again, and we get an even faster head banging rhythm, the vocals giving us a fast, rap like verse, which is very ‘Rage Against The Machine’. As the fast lyrics stop the song swings into the pre chorus and we get this swaying guitar rhythm, which is probably my favorite part of the song, before the chorus hits, and for the vocals that come in over the top ‘when the cold December nights’ it all fits together very well.  Then as the song continues it slows down slightly and there Is an echo of vocals in the background. The song then builds up all over again, as we get this beat down heavy verse. A short guitar solo follows, which isn’t too long and fits nicely into the pre chorus. The last twenty seconds brings the song down to finer and simpler layers, but doesn’t lose it’s smooth and fast pace, before cutting off to a close.

Extraction ~ This song has a much slower start to the previous track, striking a long chord before flowing into a very simple but catchy guitar rhythm. As the lyrics come in the song becomes nicely constructed, its easy going, but you can lose the lyrics a little bit in the monotone style. However the song picks up quickly as the pre-chorus sets in. The guitar gets heavier and faster, catching your attention again, and we get these lovely smooth chorus vocals in the back which really ties the chorus together, giving it much more depth. After this it falls back to the slower verse, again I feel this falls a bit short to the rest of the song, as proven when the next chorus comes round slightly thicker than the last, with maniacal laughter and more aggressive vocals, these layers make a big difference to the overall feel of the song. We also get this little guitar line that gives the song that bit more depth. Then for the last 40 seconds the pace goes a little bit crazy, putting all the different layers throughout the song for a harsh finish.

Repent/Replenish ~ With a similar starting style to the previous track we get this long chord and build up, with a super catchy rhythm line, that I really like and I think gives the biggest build up off the entire EP. Under a minute In we’re thrown into the song with a long scream from the vocalist, and then as the music takes a back seat there is a similar rap like verse to that in ‘December Nights’ You get a real sense of emotion from this verse, it adds a real seriousness to the track. The chorus then comes straight in, and we get more screaming vocals, accompanied from some very complimenting drums and guitar work. We get a short interlude where it slows back down and the vocals become soft and deep, bringing back this emotion, before we’re thrown into another chorus. A band instrumental soon follows, and this is by far my favorite part of the song, it’s a real chance for us to hear the bands raw talent and how well they mesh together as a sound, it is able to give you the same emotion from earlier in the song, but without the assistance of the vocals, which is a hard feat in itself. Then for the last minute we get this seriousness from earlier, the vocals are very strong and bring the song to a very nice close as the music drops and a single voice is left.

A very good EP, you can perhaps get a little lost in the middle, but both the start and finish to the EP are spot on, and these guys will defiantly be something to watch out for.



Written and reviewed by Abbi Lloyd


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